Dr. Franz Hartmann, born on November 22, 1838 in Donauwörth, Bavaria / Germany, died on August 07, 1912 in Kempten, Austria, theosophist, author, spiritual practitioner, freemason, doctorate and practicing doctor of medicine, Raja Yoga master and founder of the Theosophical Society in Germany (TGD). What does a life in the Victorian and Wilhelmine epoch of the 19th to the beginning of the 20th century look like in the "western culture”, if one has a conscious, very deep access to the subtle levels and to the inner worlds? Franz Hartmann, his work, his research, his findings, his decisions, the separation of ADYAR, his encounters, his relationship with Helena P. Blavatsky and Rudolf Steiner, his stations, his work, his literary oeuvre, his level of spiritual development and the associated spiritual abilities and tasks as well as the lifestyle that results from this developmental level. His inner spiritual knowledge of things and contexts, resulting from his level of spiritual development, and his immediate recognition- and seeing-can that results from it, such as the half-measure to falsehood and the dogmatism of the anthroposophy… Preliminary note: Rudolf Steiner, 1861 - 1925, initially himself an interested theosophist and member of the TGD, but then began to see himself as the reincarnation of Johann Valentin Andreae, the founder of the Rosicrucians. But this assumption was wrong. From this far-off misunderstanding he developed then a "salvation bringer", a "messiah complex". And out of these presumptions and hubris, he literally hijacked the universal spiritual knowledge of the Theosophy, but has ultimately did not understand this knowledge, and then with his own ideas and superior attitudes, how it all works, to the anthroposophy mixed up, and which he then regarded and postulated as the only true doctrine. That together led to it that in the anthroposophy, from a spiritual point of view, indeed contains good and proper approaches, but in its totality only a half-measure even up to the part a false doctrine represents. And these overall contexts related, as always with half-measures and false doctrines, that from the beginning, and of course still today, from the anthroposophy only very specific (spiritual) overall level of development with the associated limited opportunities for understanding (keyword: the 1st category of knowledge) be attracted and, as a result, that dogmatism and a cult-specific fundamentalism can be found in the most of Waldorf-communities. And these dogmas in turn lead to the fact that especially in the Waldorf education the majority of children and youth can not discover and develop their own individual inner, but their individual topics, their individual consciousness and their individual interests, perspectives, needs and abilities have to subordinate to the teaching, which in turn means that the individual development can be suppressed in a criminal form. Because each person has brought into his current earthly life specific individual spiritual and karmic (life-) topics and tasks that he should recognize and work on with all the associated individual experiences that should and must be made accordingly. A subordination against the own inner, which e.g. also by almost all former Waldorf-students, whom I know personally, was formulated in this way and has led to a veritable anti-attitude towards the Waldorf-pedagogy and towards the anthroposophy. Because the Waldorf-pedagogy does not have the ability to grasp the individual and to work with the individuality, but what should be the basic requirement for a good pedagogy. In summary, the megalomaniac of the self-proclaimed spiritual salvationist and the spreading of a false doctrine, which in practice can also inhibit the personal development of human beings, means that Rudolf Steiner has built up himself with a very great negative karma that he has to work off in his next earthly life. (Karmic functions that also Jiddu Krishnamurti was dealing with and will have in his next life, who postulated an irresponsible concept of freedom and thus spread a false doctrine - Because freedom and responsibility belong together and condition to each other! Without responsibility no freedom, that is a spiritual law! - who then, in the end, knowingly allowed a discipleship who adhering to his lips and who were mentally dependent on his words, whereby he intervened in an inappropriate and negative way in the self-determind development of other people, as well as held concubines himself, what represents a clear energy and power abuse for people of his spiritual developmental level and therefor, taken together, already disconnected from the subtle levels in his lifetime. Karmic modes of functioning, which Ken Wilber will also be dealing with, who now also arrogates to understand himself as a spiritual teacher and leader and in the course of this also spread only half-measures to a false doctrine.) … or the logical and thus inevitably negative developments of spiritual and theosophical groups and societies and, based on that, his escape!!! even from the founded by himself Theosophical Society in Germany (TGD). Preliminary note: Of course, the TGD, like all Theosophical Societies, after they have opened to the general public, has slipped off and, accordingly, has been tipping away for decades and, like all others too, has nothing more to do with true theosophy or true spirituality - neither of understanding, nor in expression. Just as slipped off as ADYAR, beginning with Annie Besant with her construction and the establishment of hierarchical power structures, culminating in the with Charles W. Leadbeater from a negative ambition executed serious fallacy and heavy abuse of power with the case "Krishnamurti". Like the Rosicrucians, starting in the 17th century, right after the death of the founder Johann Valentin Andreae, with the then presumptuous and power-laden treatment of the alchemy. As well as the small theosophical offshoots, such as the one or two Purucker sect, Hobart Lorenz Gottfried de Purucker, 1874 - 1942, often simply called by his followers Gottfried von Purucker, was a journalist, philosophically gifted author and president of the Theosophical Society in the USA, is postulated by his followers as the real true proclaimer of the pure doctrine, thereby he has just only paraphrased the writings and works of Helena P. Blavatsky without having contributed anything of his own. Just like Lucis Trust, whose abilities only consist in an one-sided theorising and thereby sometimes slip into the world- enraptured downright and even be subject to confusing fallacies. The starting point for these developments was Alice A. Bailey herself, the founder of Lucis Trust, whose great merit is to have made herself available as a medium, as a carrier for the transmissions of Master Djwal Khul, but did not have the intellectual abilities and the inner spiritual knowledge in order to really to understand, to comprehend and to classify the contents of the transmissions and then to handle with them correctly. Exemplary for this are i.a. their false statements about the Judaism as well as their own books. Of course, this also meant that she could never produce a soundboard, such as Helena P. Blavatsky, who was able to attract the real and the true and then to integrate them. As well as the numerous spiritual groups and communities, and here especially Auroville, a project that for the most part have slipped into the semi-esoteric and sectarianism and also into a pure community project with the then usual community dynamics and typical ideological community perspectives. (Likewise can be observed in Auroville, where already for 50 years the concept of multiculturalism as well as the sole direct or grassroots democracy has been practiced, that even after these 50 years the multiculturalism does not work, because the individual "National Pavilions" still live separately even after 50 years without a direct and conscious communicative and cultural exchange, but on the contrary, they even differ from each other and that partly even in a sectarian way. Also the sole grassroots democracy has not reached its theoretical goals even after 50 years of practice, neither in the recognition and naming of problems, nor in the solution of problems, nor in the imparting of knowledge, nor in the development of responsibility and of the human being, nor as sole overall system.) Because after an opening always basically develops that after a relatively short time, the majority of members are from lower spiritual development levels with the associating not-knowing and the limited understanding, and which then successively determine the content and the expression. And so from then on, the so-often cited "all-too-human" prevails, that is, ignorance, inadequacy, egoism and incompetence and as a result striving for power and negative practice of power, presumption, neediness and feelings, illusions, a needy search for an inner support and thus an abuse as a substitute religion, historicization and a mere theorising, a false and one-sided reduction to merely edifying, orthodoxy and dogmatism in the propagation of errors, misunderstoods and false doctrines and ever-manifesting forms of sectarianism and this especially against the real and the true. Affairs and inner limits that spiritually real knowing people can not possibly adjust down to, but then they have to, or even do not want to adapt, which is why they naturally stay away from this whole and fail to provide support. A support of course also fail because something wrong, and especially if then as here knowingly, join in and support with it, has negative karmic consequences for one personally. You can not impart spiritual or universal knowledge and truths to people if they from their level of inner develop- ment, the associated inner limits and the associated limits of inner understanding are not ready yet and therefore can not handle with it! Franz Hartmann has also recognized this, which is why he largely withdrew from the teaching and imparting of the real or true universal functionings. Because an imparting of universal knowledge with the intention of wanting to develop the people with it and thus, even if only indirectly, to bring they on a specific spiritual path of knowledge and action, but which is not yet theirs because they have yet to go other ways for their own inner development and completely different tasks have to recognize and to deal with and to perform the associated experiences, has also negative karmic consequences for one personally. A karmic mode of functioning, which also Helena P. Blavatsky became aware of in the end and which she then also addressed in a veritable urgent reminder. A karmic functioning, about e.g. all the semi-esoteric "teachers" and "gurus" who mean the humans to humanity i.a. in large and group events absolutely have to develop, to heal and enlighten, yet know nothing, because they can not know that from their level of spiritual development, but that, also because of their presumption and the generally spreading of false doctrines, will not save them from the negative karmic consequences of their actions. - (People who have access to the subtle levels and can see or perceive the astral bodies of the humans know not only because of their own inner knowledge, but also through their astral body, how many wannabe-Jesus’ are on the go especially in this scene.) The impartation of true spiritual or universal knowledge is accompanied by a very great responsibility! You have to know in advance who you can tell what and who can not, and if and how the one can handle with it or not! Extra information: The transmissions in the theosophy are more than 100 - 150 years ago and there was a great deal of discussion in the run-up to the Masters of the Solar Hierarchy as to whether the humanity has the maturity for this comprehensive universal knowledge. A very large majority of the Masters at that time thought that the people were not ready and to be able to deal with this knowledge. And if one look at the world and the people today, then they have been right. And so one have to consider the transmissions of Master Kut Humi and Djwal Khul as a solo effort. Of course, for people who have already developed universal knowledge in their previous lives, these transmissions are a real stroke of luck because they confirm their own inner knowledge and, moreover, support their own spiritual further development. For those who are yet not-knowing, these transmissions to this day lead to a militant, negative to strictly negative opposition, which e.g. led to it, that the largest German-language publishing house for theosophical literature had to divide its entire product range into two publishers, because these customers did not want their pseudo-esoteric literature intermingled with real knowledge. One more hint!!! - It is wrong to speak of the theosophy as a Far Eastern doctrine! This widespread misunderstanding simply results from the fact that at that time the two Masters Kut Humi and Djwal Khul lived and worked in their manifestations in the Himalaya, simply because there is one of the world's largest hotspots, in which focus particularly strong spiritual energies - smaller hotspots are e.g. in Freiburg im Breisgau and in Siena / Italy - and also that ADYAR, as the first theosophical society, from the then local and travel-technical pragmatic events, then was founded in India. Misunderstanding also because at the same time e.g. Master Rakoczi, who himself i.a. 1561-1626 incarnated as Francis Bacon, lived in his manifestation in Hungary, or because Master Jesus, commonly known as "Jesus Christ”, also lived and worked at the same time in his manifestation in Syria. (Master Jesus / J. was then, as "Jesus Christ", and is also still today, as well as the Masters Kut Humi, Djwal Khul and Rakoczi, a Master of the 5th initiation and works in the Solar Hierarchy in the department of "love-wisdom-aspect" on the 4th ray and is here primarily responsible for the religions.) A misunderstanding, but above all, of course, because the transmissions that are imparted through the theosophy describe the actual universal nature and functionings of the things and contexts. Similarly, it is fundamentally wrong to call the anthroposophy as an undercurrent or subline or direction of theosophy, or, as is very often the case, to equate it with the theosophy. Because 1. Rudolf Steiner, as mentioned in the beginning, postulated his anthroposophy as a completely independent and, above all, as the only true doctrine with a clear demarcation from the theosophy and 2. because the contents of the anthroposophy are not in agreement with the transmissions which imparted through the theosophy. And 3. one have to look at the events of that time, which reproduce internal documents of TGD members. According to these documents, Rudolf Steiner led a veritable war against Franz Hartmann and has here i.a. worked with hate and tried to indoctrinate the then TGD members with hatred. He tried to take over the TGD with the goal that they then spread exclusively his anthroposophy and no longer the transmissions of the theosophy. But this failed, however, which led to a secession or to the founding of the Anthroposophical Society and in the Steiner then over the half of the then TGD members could take. Franz Hartmann, a life directed by the awareness of the maintaining of the spiritual integrity and by the practicing of true spirituality and theosophy! A biography by Martin Besecke - In progress!
The Franz Hartmann Biography
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