It is obvious that our (world-)system, the capitalism, in its present exaggerated form, the globalized and above all also globally deregulated neoliberalism, reaches its limits and produces only negative developments! For returns, growth rates and competitiveness, in addition to the privatization and economization of all social areas, now the people are degraded to objects (keyword: human capital) and exploited and made redundant in an ever-increasing number regardless of their qualifications and also permanently sorted out and excluded from our system. The termination of the social contract of the principle of responsibility and solidarity, which until the 1970s meant a fair redistribution of economic growth to all levels of the society, and the neoliberal reorientation towards the total liberty of the capital, became a gigantic redistribution started from the bottom up. The already rich became and are getting richer, and everyone else, beginning from the middle class, has been and is getting poorer in spite of growth and rising profits! This reorientation founded the meanwhile de facto absolute overall systemic power of design of the financial elites and investors. This neoliberal reorientation and the associated massive tax cuts for high earners and businesses, the broad wage cuts, the international legal free trade agreements, the neoliberal structural adjustment programs demanded by the World Bank and the IMF, and, of course, the disastrous consequences of the global deregulated financial capitalism, can be the Nation States in favor of just this (small) financial and power elite exploited and plunder financially. And to name numbers: The 62 richest people on this planet own more than the entire bottom half of all humanity together. And 10% of the richest people in the world own 70% of the world's total wealth. - The redistribution from bottom to top is increasing in size! Mainly as a result of this redistribution, the overall debt burden of public and private households in the meantime - as has often been the case in the history of the interest-based monetary system - has reached a level that repayments can no longer be possible and reasoned the austerity policy. (Keyword: Debt can only be settled by new and extra debts!) The result of this is that numerous civilizational achievements, such as a generally accessible education, culture, a health and social welfare, necessary state and welfare state services, state structures and societal infrastructures, individual development and development possibilities and also the human rights are reduced back to completely abolished, so that the societies and their communities are thrown back permanently for decades, as you can already see it in Italy, in Spain and especially in Portugal, Ireland and Greece and more and more also in France, Great Britain and slowly also in Germany. Or as in the small country Holland, where after the state bailout with taxpayers, due to the resulting exorbitant government debt, the social budget was lowered by 6 billion euros annually. - The poverty will continue to increase! For example, in the USA, a barometer of the future developments in Europe, more than half of the US middle class is no longer able to afford 400 Dollar if they need it unscheduled. Our so-called ascension society will rapidly develop into a relegation society and thus back into a class society! Natural resources and fossil raw materials will continue to be exploited unhindered and irresponsible with the active support of the politics, thereby inevitably destroying the nature and our climate, so our livelihoods. Because these not yet promoted deposits are already reported by the companies in their balance sheets, whereby the share prices are determined. In addition, they are also already indicated as collateral and guarantees for operational bank loans. And these guarantees are in turn already shown in the balance sheets of the banks. And these balances are jointly responsible for the so-called economic growth data as well as for double-digit percentages of the gross domestic product (GDP). And just because of these structural correlations, these uncommitted deposits will be definitely exploited, sold and consumed in any form, often accompanied by direct military action! And last but not least, our democratic political system, the liberalism, is being increasingly reduced by the politics and increasingly being replaced by an authoritarian character, from which, due to the logic of the resulting structures and the resulting normative socialization mechanisms, inevitably, as a logical consequence, only totalitarian systems will develop. Accompanied with the associated state total surveillance by intelligence agencies and police authorities, such as in the USA (keywords: NSA surveillance, predictive policing). Or as in China, with the “Social Credit System” as well as the targeted eradication of whole cultures (such as Tibet and the Uighurs). Just as in India (keyword: Aadhaar - the world's largest national database of biometric and personal data of all Indians, which also private companies have access to). Or as in Germany, whith RFID-chips and biometric data including fingerprints in passports, the so-called "Federal" or "State Trojans", the extension of police powers as well as with the constitutional protection legal registration of children and adolescents and the groundless monitoring of any communication. Or as in the UK, where widespread real-time facial recognition video surveillance is already practiced and where extensive legislation, anti-terror laws, regulatory laws and publishing laws dictate what may or may not be said, and which has the world's most extensive surveillance laws even oriented China with its surveillance laws, and where the Social Credit System is now being established. Or as in France, where you can only receive official services by submitting your biometric data and where the Social Credit System would also like to be introduced. Or as in Sweden, where, among other things, all payment transactions and all health data are digitized and can only be managed via private digital devices. Or the project of the “Transnational Digital Identity” of every human being, advanced by public and private actors, under which all available data should be summarized and stored and then made accessible to all governments and authorities, as well as private companies too. And last but not least, the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) that perfects and completes the complete monitoring and control of every individual person and means the end of any freedom and independence of every human being. So totalitarian systems, with the associated legal restrictions and prosecutions, oppressions to suppression of societally and democratically important and necessary freedoms and independence in the areas of investigation, whistleblowing, civil rights, demonstrations and in the press freedom and freedom of speech - The citizen is basically regarded by the state only as an enemy and must therefore be controlled and monitored! - paired with a nationalist policy that will be pursued with the aim of societally legitimating for the sorting out and exclusion not only of the foreign, but ultimately of the homeland superfluous. - The disintegration and decivilization of the societies is thereby driven forward and cemented politically! And so, again and again, the same 5 steps of sorting out will be observed, which have already been and will be carried out the same way worldwide for centuries, as was recently observed worldwide in connection with the Corona policy: 1. The identification: A particular population group is branded as a scapegoat. People who were previously considered part of the society are now perceived and seen as evil. 2. The ostracism: It develops a real societal hatred of these people. 3. The confiscation: These fellow humans beings are deprived of their civil rights and property. 4. The concentration: These people are locked up in ghettos and prisons. 5. The extermination: These fellow humans are prohibited from any possibility of financial, economic, social, health and (inter-) human participation in life and society, or any possibility of participation is prohibited. Only the first step must be prepared and enforced politically and thus societally. All further 4 steps then need no further preparation and enforcement, because they then take place quite automatically, in a logical development and consequence, all by itself. And that inevitably, due to the normative mechanisms of reflection and socialization, leads to a brutalization of the overall society. It leads to a totalitarian system, to a digital dictatorship with a pseudo-democratic facade, a totalitarian world system in which every human being can be arbitrarily annihilated simply at the touch of a button, without being able to defend oneself against it or exert any influence or can protect himself from it at all. It is becoming more and more obvious that a mere accusation, criticism or demonstration alone simply effect nothing. Because it becomes clear that the rulers do not want somethig to change, but now, consciously and deliberately, solely for reasons of their own power, are actively working on systemic changes which due to the existing predominantly economic power structures, inevitably only lead to a slavery and feudal society. Just as in the USA can watch with the growing numbers of homeland local day laborer and migrant workers, who for the most part have a degree with relevant professional experience and also with the growing number of homeless students and people, who can not afford an apartment despite full-time work. Or as in France, which actually has a 35-hour week, but now forced by economic blackmail to work 39 hours a week, but get paid only 37 hours, such as at the Smart plant in Lorraine. As in Finland, where weekly working hours were generally increased without pay. Or as in Spain, where now 1/3 of all employees only receive the state minimum wage of 700,00 € a month. Or as in the UK, where already 4 million people have to work for only the minimum wage, which is 3,00 € below the state-defined subsistence level. Or as in Germany, where now about 2 million people are forced into a very flexible working model, in fact on demand, where the waiting time is not paid, with the result that the wage is then not enough to live and due to the constant availability a second job is not possible (keyword: the so-called platform companies, such as Amazon, Uber, Deliveroo and Foodora), and where, in the meantime, more than 1/3 of all employment relationships are also uncertain and above all precarious. There will be a legally legitimated complete deregulation and flexibilisation of the labor market to the detriment of the employees. And such contracts as the Treaty of Lisbon, and especially the CETA, TISA and the TTIP, will further massively support these negative developments and sustainably cement them with further institutional, structural and legal implications. Because the politics is only about to enforce and ensure the conditions that the financial capitalism needs to survive. It knowingly and willingly works only to the task of maintaining the capitalist economic order, to ensure their proper functioning and further expansion and to enforce the interests of the economic elites. It is only about the unconditional system maintenance, and that at any price! This unconditional preservation of the system is also called "stability" in the official neoliberal political speech. The highlights of these developments in Europe were Greece in 2011/2012 with the dismissal of the then Greek Prime Minister Giorgos Papandreou by the pressure of the EU institutions, the "Troika" and Germany, because he was the ultra-neoliberal, exclusively directed against the people restructuring and austerity dictates, also called "reforms" in the political speech, wanted to democratically legitimize them through a referendum. As well as Portugal in 2015, which as a direct result of the austerity has lost about 1/3 of its total population due to emigration for economic or factual reasons of survival: The then President Anibal Cavaco Silva refused to give the democratically elected left-wing majority a mandate to form a government on the grounds that "a left-wing government would send false signals to financial institutions, investors and the markets." And that's why he forgave the mission to form a government to the deselected conservative minority, because in his view, a conservative government in any case the austerity policy, in the sense of the so-called "institutions" and, of course, of the money power, would continue. Portugal thereby slipped into a serious state and constitutional crisis. Other examples showed France in May 2016: The then French President Francois Hollande and his Prime Minister Manuel Valls bypassed the necessary democratic parliamentary vote on their controversial neoliberal labor market reforms with a constitutional trick for fear of not getting the necessary majority in the French parliament. A hitherto unique procedur in French post-war history. At the same time, the counter-protests were banned under the legal of the state of emergency and the potential demonstrators were placed under house arrest on the reasons that so would "prevented any possible acts of violence". As well as Italy in May 2018, where president of the state Sergio Mattarella brought the formation of a government of the system-critical five-star movement with the right-wing Lega to failure by refusing of the Euro-critical Paolo Savona the appointment of Minister of Finance with the justification that he "must save Italy and the democracy". Instead, he appointed the neoliberal former IMF economist and democratically not legitimized Carlo Cottarelli to the interim head of government with the mission "to refurbish the country and to lead in new elections", but above all too, because Italy was put under massive pressure by the "financial markets" with the aim of forcing the Italians to elect the "moderate parties" in new elections. Due to the resulting increase in approval for the first two parties, but it came then still to a government coalition of these two parties, but with a new, non-party and more Euro-friendly Minister of Finance. And in the year 2021, in Italy, this approach then led to the negative climax with the democrati- cally illegitimate installation of the technocrat and former investment banker (Goldman Sachs) Mario Draghi as head of government. And in February 2016, the G20 nations in Shanghai decided globally to jointly implement further structural reforms at the highspeed train pace so as to make the economies "more innovative, more flexible and more competitive" so as to be more resilient to potential crises and to guarantee a "stable growth". These reforms include, in addition to the usual market liberalization and the dismantling of social standards, i.a. also a further deregulation of the financial markets and thus an "undisturbed flow" of international financial flows, this time through a "common, coordinated financial and monetary policy". And deregulation basically always means giving power or more and more power into the hands of the already powerful ones, that is, into the hands of the global economic and financial elites. These measures were confirmed by the G7 summit in May 2016, with the additions to further expand the global free trade in the current neoliberal free trade practice and to introduce the austerity policy worldwide, at which Germany insisted on forcefully. And at the G20 Summit in 2017 in Hamburg, it was decided to privatize more and more governmental tasks and public ownership in order to give the private capital new investment and profit options. So it was then e.g. in Germany for the privatization of sovereign tasks in favor of the financial groups changed the constitution accordingly (keyword: privatization of the highways). This neoliberal restructuring and reorganization of the world is also called in the official political speech as "the modernization of the societies". And in Europe, starting with the CETA, the free trade agreement between Canada and the EU, the idea of a “market-conforming (neoliberal) democracy”, a name conceived by the then German chancellor Angela Merkel, is being introduced. With the CETA becomes i.a. the investors protection introduced, which for the first time enables more than 50.000 US companies through their Canadian subsidiaries to sue EU countries for investor protection. Much more serious in their negative effects is the implementation of the so-called "Joint Committee" with the CETA. This institution should be 6 months in advance all planned legislation proposed by the nation states which could affect the contents of the agreement, such as economic, tax, social, environmental and nature conservation, consumer protection and labor law, be submitted for review, assessment, advice and negotiation. This committee is not subject to any democratic and parliamentary control! This committee is due to its function to treat transnational contractual matters, anchored in the international law and thus legitimized by the international law. And that means in practice that his powers of directing and decision-making are beyond the decisions of the national parliaments. But the CETA itself already represents a contract under international law, that means in praxis, 1. that the contract contents for the nation states not only get a legal rank, but even a constitutional rank, and 2. that this contract can then not be unilaterally terminated by individual nation states. And that means in practice that now with the CETA (and of course also with the TISA and the TTIP), due to its anchoring in international law, our present democracies are de facto abolished! And that was exactly the goal, that's what it was all about, that was intended and planned with this anchoring in international law! The neoliberal economic order, which was consciously legitimized and thus unleashed by the politics, is now in form of an economic constitution, from which all societal and systemic areas are regulated and determined, due to this anchoring in international law, irreversibly and for all time established and manifested! Necessary systemic renewal will now only be able to be introduced and established through a real revolution, in which, because of these legal anchoring, the entire existing legal system, including the constitution and international law, must be annulled. Or you have to leave with all the concomitant consequences the contractual group of states, that is, to leave the EU, so that it can be reversed politically and democratically at all. And that all together in turn means in the logical further development that this coldly advancing neoliberalism will inevitably lead into the liber- tarianism, which in turn, in connection with the transhumanist efforts and above all with the complete digitization of all areas of life, will lead not only into a refeudalization, but politically and societally, also as a logical consequence, into the fascism, as Chile has proven. More and more people are realizing that the things can not go on like this and that something has to change fundamentally and start to organize themselves in their own political initiatives and projects because they are increasingly internalizing the fact that "from above" and from the politics simply nothing more changes are to be expected and therefore have legitimately lost the confidence in the existing institutions and their actors. But unfortunately most of these initiatives, movements and even small parties do not have the necessary strength to influence a process of the overall society due to different reasons. Often, these initiatives and parties become entangled in ideological developments or fail because they can not practice their own propagated goals and high ideals themselves and are thus implausible, untruthful and unreal. And often it lacks the necessary character cleanliness and integrity. However, one of the most important reasons is often the one-sidedness and one-dimensionality in understanding and thinking and the resulting ideas and contents. In the most cases it is only about single screws or single topics, such as to take the energy production into the own, municipal self-direction (also called citizen energy) or such small projects, such as cooperative shops, small businesses and housing projects, community solidarity gardens, resource pools and food sharing. Or the ever-new, born of left-wing-idealistic ideas and imagined as open space events (keyword: "marketplace of ideas") so-called "democracy and constitutional initiatives", but they only go to the formal and thereby overlook the plurality and the broad not-knowing in the overall society. Or it is only about the (semi-)renewal of single system areas, such as the introduction of the sole direct democracy or the post-growth or the common welfare economy or economy for the common good. Because all these examples are very often associated with the mistaken belief that it alone can force or even signify a new social system. Although these single and small projects are correct and important and are also elementary building blocks for a better overall system, but are all, taken only in isolation, as a single overall system not viable and can only be taken alone because of the multidimensionality, complexity and plurality of a social system do not effect necessary overall systemic changes and renewals. Likewise, the concept ideas mentioned here are important and necessary for individual system areas as a contribution to discourse and for the necessary diversity of ideas in the sense of a fundamental further development, but are not generally practicable and, above all, they can not more be introduced and established due to the existing system and power structures. The unconditional necessity of new systemic institutions and structures as basic prerequisites for the possibility of being able to renew content and systematically, and thus the necessity of a fundamental and comprehensive renewal of the necessary overall systemic framework conditions, is very often not recognized and understood. It lacks the overall systemic understanding and, unfortunately, one has to attest here again and again a persistence in idealized, unrealistic, illusory and ideological ideas. Or they are just reforms, such as the so-called basic income, which due to the nature of reforms, basically always have only a system-preserving character. Especially the basic income has, if it is not only a tool for the radical reduction of welfare state benefits, such as in Finland and Holland, a particularly strong, in a negative system-preserving character. Because if a basic income is to be paid out in an adequate amount, it is absolutely necessary to adhere to the existing economic and interest-based monetary system as well as to broad investment opportunities, including the associated and then absolutely necessary overconsumption, because otherwise, due to the value creation possibilities and the resulting necessary taxation possibilities, this overall social security would be difficult to finance. Because it must additionally i.a. also a modern community will be co-financed. As well, the example of basic income shows how quickly an idea slides into a pure ideology in which truths and developments that refute the theoretical goals of this idea are ignored, marginalized and internally fought, and a factual discourse about the pros and cons is scarcely more possible. So will from the basic income movement i.a. the fact that in Finland and Holland the basic income should be used to reduce social benefits simply negated, but celebrated as a victory for the basic income. Much more serious, however, is the one-dimensionality in understanding and thinking. Because a basic income has overall systemic effects, that is, it touches several system areas. Therefore, a basic income must also be considered and analyzed in its overall systemic constructiveness and practicability. The basic income movement, however, is limited knowingly only to the factor of labor and also to a few idealized individual freedoms, which, however, in practice can not be implemented at a discussed average high of € 800,00 - € 1.000,00 and especially in the then needed order of magnitude no longer be allowed by the existing economic system. Contexts, relationships and functions with which i.a. especially the regional business cycles have already gained a lot of experience! But also these facts and truths do not want to be discussed in the basic income movement, but here will be in a glorification, the naive belief spreads that a basic income alone, already means the solution of all problems. It works here with one-sided, partly utopian ideal images, without creating the necessary harmony with the realities. And this (purely) idealized and one-sided consideration, is not only unobjective and wrong, but intellectually of course also highly dubious and irresponsible, because this is the way in which illusions and false hopes are awakened. And all this together led to the basic income precisely to this already mentioned ideologization and friend-enemy-emotionalization. Overall contexts, who have ideologized the common welfare economy or economy for the common good, the grassroots democracy, the community and the regionalization movement in the same way. Because this is where spiritual or universal functionings come into play: When a theory, concept or an idea uses, so to speak, naturally and automatically idealized images, and / or contains fundamentally wrong and impractical things from an universal point of view, they even quickly develop into an ideology. Or in other words, if something has developed into the ideological, one can basically assume that from an universal point of view the content contains something fundamentally wrong, which prevents an universal practicability and load capacity. A basic income even supports another very negative system development. At the World Economic Forum 2016 in Davos was discussed the beginning of the digitization of the work in detail. There is even talk of a digital revolution here, because in the next few years millions of jobs in the office, in the service and health sector, in the production and also in the sales and logistic area by software developments and the use of robots will forever be eliminated. The affected people will then remain permanently unemployed, because this digital transformation will not result in new and other jobs in the required number this time, as was often the case in the transformation from the agricultural to the industrial and from the industrial to the service society had been the case. What is reasoned by the fact that this transformation will not create new markets with new growth, as has always been the case before, but this time the existing (labor-)markets are simply being replaced and made more efficient. And so, according to studies, in the near future only 50% of people will be able to be in a work process, so accordingly half of all existing jobs will be gone forever without substitution. (These forecasts are based on studies and figures from the economy itself and its associations, the UN, and university research projects!) And to take away from this rapid development the social explosive, it was discussed, de facto to fob and to sidline the affected with a basic income. Furthermore, with a basic income, of course, they should be obtained as consumers. This development would have the following effects: 1. those affected remain reduced to a basic income, which, depending on their level, will lead to widespread poverty developments, further loss of purchasing power and, due to the neoliberal design of the markets, a lack of perspective. 2. this creates a new social caste of people still in the working process with all the resulting individual developments and development opportunities and processes. 3. due to the long-term unemployment, the affected are excluded from the mental and intellectual disputes in connection with the further development of the system because they are no longer involved in a direct context of experience, knowledge and participation and in the associated reflection contexts and structures. 4. these overall relationships automatically lead, of course, to a further concentration of power and profits and to a further expansion of the overall systemic power of design for the economic and financial elites. 5. promote such developments a societal and political extremism and radicalism. In sum, therefore, it can already be stated that a sole basic income alone will fundamentally mean a negative conservation of the existing neoliberal economy and can not be a solution to the mentioned negative developments and the elimination of social inequalities! And the basic income experiment in Finland has already confirmed the points listed here. From January 1, 2017, in Finland in an experiment was 2000 representative chosen unemployed persons disbursed an unconditional basic income in the amount of € 560.00 per month. This attempt was limited to two years. And this € 560.00 corresponds from the level of the cost of living in Finland to about € 1,000.00 in Germany. So it turned out that the € 560.00 alone is, of course, far too low to guarantee a serious social participation. The participants were forced to have to earn extra money in order to be able to make ends meet at all reasonably. A few highly qualified persons have found a new job, but which they would have gotten without a basic income. But everyone else remained unemployed, because of course there are also simply not enough jobs in Finland. Therefore, many of the participants had to hire themselves out in temporary jobs, such as to do a paper route. In this context, also a question of justice was discussed, and surprisingly on the part of the other working persons: Why does someone get a basic income if they have a good salary? While at the same time the unconditional basic income was accepted with an actual need. It was also shown that due to the different levels of inner development as well as of the different intellectual and creative abilities, of course not everyone can start and deal with the allegedly gained freedoms. And the majority of the participants who want to bring specific skills or wishes and ideas into a self-employment and that they can actually implement based on their basic skills, had to find that either there were no markets for their self-employment and that also these markets could not be developed or that the corresponding markets were already occupied and saturated. In summary, the unconditional basic income turned out to be too inefficient and ineffective and lagged far behind the promised effects! And that, in turn, makes it too expensive and not financeable. And at the NGO level, it is mainly limited to mere criticism and demonstration. Although the NGOs are irreplaceable in the existing system when it comes to a need for a necessary educational and information work, but they fail to differentiate the true systemic causes of these mal-developments and then as a necessary consequence to develop or present constructive and practicable concepts, which not only bring about a substantive, but also for this an absolutely necessary institutional and structural renewal. This mere criticism and demonstration serves ultimately only the self-assurance and self-confirmation and ends again and again only in a mere appeal to the politics (please) to stop these mal-developments, but what, of course, stay without a serious effect and thus stay without consequences. This, in principle, toothless work results from two main reasons: 1. Due to the structural, institutional and legal design of the system, leads a run against mal-developments automatically to a fight against it. 2. Is this reality often paired with the fact that many NGOs are co-financed by the state, that is, by systemic funds, but they are bound to the conditions of adhering the existing systemic and legal system. That means in other words, that a positioning for system-renewing concepts is, so to speak, forbidden and that thereby these NGOs (purely legally) are limited to inform, appeals and (peaceful) demonstrations. And these relationships often led to the phenomenon that this educational work as well as the mere appealing and demonstrating has degenerated into an end in itself that determines the one's own self-worth and the one's own reason for being. The resulting dynamics lead to a real as well as even a mental system renewal is prevented, i.a. because their own economic existence is endangered and their own reason for being could be lost. And from these dynamics in turn results that at some point here only specific "activist types" are attracted and act, which then manifest this end in itself as the form of expression. This phenomenon, which occurs in different forms, is often not recognized in the self-reflection, which i.a. it is also due to the fact that the topics and contents addressed are correct and justified, but the question of whether the structural, institutional and legal design of the system inevitably and automatically leads only to a fight and where ultimately only win the stronger, so usually the system, is often not at all aware and explored, because here too the necessary overall systemic awareness, thinking and understanding are missing. And so, in the end, everything always turns around in a circle and consolidates itself in the negative. Nevertheless, many NGOs have very good contacts in the politics. However, in the end these remain without a serious effect in the sense of a positive change, but quite the contrary, because of the vanities in the NGOs, which often resulting from these contacts, is always like to try on the part of the politics the NGOs to use for the implementation of specific political communication strategies and goals, as I know from my own experience to report. That is why it has to be thought quite different! The existing must be completely questioned, if it develops existentially in the wrong or in the irreparability, so as to be able to open and free the mind for then necessary, constructive and really new and renewing! Just as the young, future generations in the Ukraine and South Africa are doing, which even questions Nelson Mandela here, and that, by the way, rightly so. Or like in France, where the entire political system is now being rejected by ever- growing sections of the population and systemic alternatives are being sought. And in this case, one's own socialization through the existing system and its own internal structuring (keyword: "left-wing" or "conservative"), which is always and automatically activated in context with the question of "system change", must be recognized, explored and overcome, because otherwise ideological cultural struggles will emerge, which will then paralyze any form of necessary further development and prevent factual discourses. For now, if we still want to have something like a future, it needs nothing less than a new social system, that is, a contentwise, institutionally, structurally and legally new overall system! Because these systemic negative developments with their destructive consequences as well as the destructive system manipulations, which are deliberately operated solely for the purpose of maintaining power, have already become too advanced, and worse, legally, institutionally, structurally and internationally anchored, with the result that the existing system has become in a normal way can no longer be broken up and changed, and also that a more equitable and compensatory policy is no longer possible or even no longer allowed. That is why the assumption of very many established, in the public standing left-wings and system critical intellectuals, and of course in the principle of the most of NGOs, a change of policy alone would be sufficient, is fundamentally wrong and shows just here the often quoted missing overall systemic understanding as well as that necessary overall systemic thinking-can! Because one have to understand that in the meantime the entire political infrastructures are so bound to the status quo, that nothing will change because of its own power maintaining and that no leadership can emerge and establish, which may want to change something. And that, in turn, demonstrate the systemic dysfunctionalities as well as the structural deficiences of the overall societal conditions of communication and participation of the existing democratic political systems and calls, as a consequence, for the fundamental renewal of the overall systemic frame- work conditions if one wants to establish changes here in a sustainable way. And for the development and implementation of a new social system with new systemic institutions and structures, which should not only bring more justice, equality and sustainability, and prevent a new mal-development of power and rule structures from the outset, but above all in a multi-dimensional view practicable and must be able to fulfill and guarantee all tasks and responsibilities for a modern community and also for a pluralistic society, one must fundamentally be able to comprehend, penetrate and understand a social system in its entirety and it needs an interdisciplinary knowledge and also an integral, that is, an all-encompassing, holistic way of thinking and seeing in which, in addition to the differentiated, clear, multidimensional, logical and constructive thinking, also the spiritual or universal functionings, contexts and mechanisms of action, the spiritual or universal laws find application. Furthermore, it requires a complex ability to comprehend, the understanding of the formation, the development and dynamics of structures as well as the ability of the absolutely necessary maintaining of the intellectual and spiritual integrity. I analyze social, political, economic and systems and their systemic structures and advise political organizations, initiatives and projects in their complex functionings and their contexts and also in their normative mechanisms of interaction and action. Furthermore, I analyze political, economic and legislative projects, i.a. in their systemic, structural and socializing effects. I advise and assist in the content development of political contents and also the development of system-renewing concepts and analyze them in particular in their constructiveness and overall systemic viability and practicability, i.a. from the point of view of structural formations and the associated logical developments and also the resulting reflection, action and normative socialization mechanisms and further, under consideration of cultural, sociological, psychological and anthropological contexts as well as interpersonal and individual principles of reflection. Beyond that, I advise and support political organizations and parties in the differentiated penetration, as well as in the constructive and integral solution of complex political and systemic topics and questions. Furthermore, I advise in questions of spiritual, that is, of universal functionings and mechanisms of action as well as of karmic consequences, and thus in matters of the maintaining of the spiritual integrity. And as political system, I communicate and impart the value-stepped reflection-system-theory of Four-segmentation, the integral democracy and social system of the Value-levels-democracy. • Here to the introduction of the Value-levels-democracy! >>