AN ANSWER! I am often asked why there are actually no female Masters, if there is a reason for it? Yes, there is, and this reason is called intimacy, one of the really big women’s issues! One have to know that the path of the spiritual development is always voluntary, one are not forced to do anything, one can stop at any time. But if one consciously, consistently and disciplinedly follow the path of the spiritual develop- ment, one will eventually come to the spiritual task of the depersonalization, which one absolutely have to accomplish on the path of the spiritual further development, on the way to the Mastership and in which, as already explained, all neediness, sensitivities and affectivities as well as fears and egoisms should be overcome. But almost all women who have arrived at this point have decided for the intimacy and against the depersonalization, with a few exceptions. Helena P. Blavatsky for example belongs to the women who continued on here and followed the path of the deperso- nalization. And intimacy represents an extremely personalized issue, a complex neediness topic.
Erhard Bäzner:  Das Rätsel des Lebens und das Geheimnis des Todes In English language:  The mystery of life and the secret of death This book describes in a comprehensive form the way of the soul after leaving the body. It describes the different astral worlds, which are commonly called “the beyond", how these astral worlds are constructed, how they function, what happens in them, and who comes why in which astral world after his death. It describes the form in which the souls of the deceased participate in the life and in the world of the souls who are currently leading an earthly life and gives advice on how a healthy treatment of the living with the deceased should look. It describes the process of dying, i.a. the natural death, the suicide and even the execution. And it makes clear that the life after the death is by no means at an end, but that the life and the death and the rebirth is a cycle that is necessary for the spiritual development. (This book is sadly only available in German language!)
BOOKS TIPS!   -   Here books about true spirituality in practice, which cover theme areas to which I myself have a very deep access and therefore can say, these books are real, the authors actually have (or had) a deep access to the subtle levels and know what they are writing about! In these books, true knowledge of true spiritual or universal functionings and mechanisms of action is written down!
Gina Cerminara:  Many Mansions - The Edgar Cayce Story on Reincarnation Gina Cerminara, 1914 - 1984, US-American psychologist and psychotherapist, has compiled in this book the professional records of Edgar Cayce, 1877 - 1945, US-American, medium and spiritual therapist. These records come from his professional practice and thus describe real case studies from his work as a medium and therapist. This book describes, under using these case studies, the true karmic functionings and laws. It describes why one has reincarnated where and in what context, why one have e.g. fortune or misfortune in his life or why one gets which illness. It describes the individual themes, backgrounds and causes for the own way of life, as well as why one suffers what personal fates and why one has which encounters in his current life. It makes clear that life, death and rebirth are a perpetual cycle in order to recognize and work on the own karma and karmic themes so that one can progress positively and, of course, one can accomplish a spiritual development. It has the quality of a manual that can enable one to recognize and understand the own karmic themes, contexts and tasks and also the own ways of thinking and acting which have karmic consequences. In this context an important note! One can only work by oneself on the own karma and, so to speak, purify it! All offers that pretend to clean the karma of another person with any exercises, commands or even punishments are pure charlatanry! Here, the respective wannabe-gurus are only interested in negative exercise of power, which automatically leads to abuse of power on the client!
Louise Hay:  Heal your body Behind every clinical picture there is a specific inner topic! With clinical pictures the soul draws one's attention to the fact that one should work on specific inner topics, which are now pending for the personal development and which one has not worked on yet. Illnesses are in this regard the last warning, so to speak, now in any case, the underlying theme to explore and work on. Some clinical pictures have rather harmless causes, such as cold or stomach and intestinal flu. Others are more serious and treat topics which go into karmic, such as back problems and pain, cancer, lung, sciatica, coma seizures and coma vigil, rheumatism, blood pressure, dermatitis or eczema, diabetes or dementia and Alzheimer’s. And yet others already have directly karmic themes as a cause, such as Parkinson's, mental illnesses, autism, fibromyalgia, epilepsy, obesity, thyroid gland, acne, bulimia, dysplastic kidney, muscle atrophy as well as all illnesses which exist from the birth and also severe illnesses which occur in early childhood (except of course the so-called "childhood illnesses"). And diseases that have a karmic theme as a cause, are used e.g. in the conventional medicine very often reffered to as chronic and are always considered as incurable. In the end, every clinical picture can only be definitively cured by an inner work on the underlying topic! Therefore, conventional medicine as well as alternative healing methods and also quantum physical instruments, devices or apparatuses can only soothe the symptoms of illness, so that one gets the time, strength and rest, the causative issue to recognize, to fathom and to overcome. But they can not really heal them, a knowledge that the conventional medicine e.g. for breast cancer has already won. And in this book, the true causes, the actual causal topics are shown for the different clinical pictures. That is why this book is a real help, the topic of being able to recognize the causes of the own illness. However, one has to restrictively add that not all clinical pictures are listed, but already very many. Also it offers no real help or guidance for the inner work. Louise Hay here offers affirmations, but these are too general and too difficult to understand. Because the healing is an individual work, an individual path that everyone has to find out for themselves.
Alice A. Bailey:  Discipleship in the New Age  (Volume I + II) These two books are transmissions from Master Djwal Khul / D. K., a Master of the 5th initiation, and are a guide for the new beginners, for those who want to start a true spiritual development and above all, who want consciously to put themselves in the service of the big whole. They were received by Alice A. Bailey, who acted here as a medium and put on paper. "Discipleship" means students, and these books describe all the themes, tasks, and adversities that confront one on the path of the spiritual development and that one must recognize, work on and master. The special thing about these books is that they come from a Master of the 5th initiation, and a Master of the 5th initiation has already completed the overall spiritual development. That is, because of that no one knows better than him, how all the topics, tasks and adversities on the path of the spiritual development actually have to look and be mastered. So who want to start a true and serious, the very long and extremely difficult path of spiritual development and above all, consciously to put in the service of the big whole, these two books are a real support and definitely recommendable!
Geoffrey Hodson:  The Call to the Heights  -  Guidance on the Pathway to Self-Illumination Geoffrey Hodson, 1886 - 1983, is a disciple of Master Kut Humi / K. H., also a Master of the 5th initiation, and has been commissioned by him to put all his knowledge on paper and publish it to the humanity. To Hodson has yet to be said that he was able to leave his body at any time, consciously on command, so i.a. when he traveled to a lesson with his teacher Master Kut Humi. And on one of these astral travels he was, in spite of his enormous experience in and in dealing with the astral worlds, captured by a demon. This demon was so strong that Hodson alone could not free himself. This demon was so powerful that three angels were needed and had to come to the rescue in order to free him at all. This incident shows that the astral side is anything but an edifying place, but can also be very dangerous. And especially those who are just starting to leave their bodies, in the beginning that usually happens involuntarily and at night, so the inexperienced newcomers are expected in the astral levels of the negative elements downright. That is why the stories of those who speak of their out-of-body experiences in purely edifying colors must be considered very skeptical. Because these experiences are often only supposed out-of-body experiences, which means that they have not yet penetrated into the astral levels, but that they do not yet know and can not recognize. But now for the book:  Also this book is written for the beginners, for those who want to start a serious and consistent path of spiritual development. It very descriptively describes all the adversities encountered on the path of the spiritual development. Such as the traps that are put to one and into which one are trapped and which throw one back again and force one to start again from the beginning. It describes the trials and setbacks as well as the wrong teachers and wannabe-gurus that one encounter, which one believes or also wants to believe in and which can lead one to a wrong way. It describes the presumptions, self-aggrandizements and errors which one is subject in the false assumption of having attained and held a certain level of spiritual development and a supposedly comprehensive spiritual knowledge. This book illustrates like no other, how hard and difficult the work and how long and stony the path of the spiritual development is. It refutes all the semi-esoteric books which incorrectly portray the spiritual development as a purely edifying work and that can easily be accomplished casually. It makes it clear that the spiritual development is a very individual work on constantly individual redesigning topics and tasks. It also makes it clear that the spiritual development means a very long way across many earthly lives and must be done consistently and disciplined if one want to progress successfully along that path. And thus, this book also refutes the notion implicit in many semi-esoteric writings that a total spiritual development can be accomplished in an one earthly life. Also this book represents for new beginners a real support and is also absolutely recommendable!
Alice A. Bailey:  The Destiny of the Nations Also this book is a transmission of Master Djwal Khul and is a very special book, because it is directed by the intention mainly to those who work in the systemic work. Likewise, one should already have an inner understanding of the cosmic energies, of the different rays and their influence on the people and nations as well as of (inner) developmental levels, developmental steps and developmental processes and periods of time. Basically, one has to understand that specific rays in different regions of the earth have concentrated in different combinations and around these concentration points today's nation states have formed. This also means that e.g. at the present time, in some nations specific ray energies are temporarily declining or inactive. And this book describes and explains the different rays, in which combinations they affect which nation, what effects these combinations of rays have on the people in the different nations, why and how the different nations relate to each other, and what different tasks and development goals for which nation for the good of the whole result from these combinations of rays. And each nation has as a result specific tasks that are necessary for the achievement of the in the universal established goal of a world unity, a true world community, in which all human beings live together on equal terms and in peace. And for this goal, the different nations should and must work together, whereby some nations have bigger and more important tasks and responsibilities than others. During the study of this book, it becomes clear why Britain has chosen for the BREXIT, why France calls itself as the "Grande Nation", why Germany is the people of poets and thinkers and why it played such a negative role, especially in Europe, in dealing with the 2007/2008 system crisis, why there are so many independence aspirations in Spain, why especially in the USA the materialism is so extremely strong and why the USA and China are acting in the world as they do, and e.g. also, why India's struggle for independence from Britain ended so peacefully. Because the respective tasks of the nations can already be seen in their actions, but only in the negative form. No nation in the world has made it to date to develop positively in accordance with their tasks. All nations are in practice in dealing with their tasks still on a negative and selfish way. This means that a lot of development work is still needed and must be done. And the preparation of the basic prerequisites, so that this necessary development work can be done at all, is one of the central tasks of today's and future systemic work! And this book gives one the necessary understanding of what how this systemic work should look like so that the nations and the people living in them can slowly, step by step, develop into the positive, to be able to live and practice their tasks in the future in the positive and for the good of the whole, out of their inner being.
Knowledge is Power!    &    Knowledge and Power fall together! (Francis Bacon, 1561 - 1626) About Francis Bacon alias Master Rakoczi / R., about the working departments or also "the aspects" of the Solar Hierarchy and about the solar initiations! A short introduction by Martin Besecke! Here as PDF file!  >> Informations from the subtle levels about the overall condition of our planet and the resulting intervention of the Solar Hierarchy and the cosmic forces! reported by Martin Besecke Here as PDF file!  >>
A MESSAGE! A message from the Solar Hierarchy from the year 2006, transmitted by the now deceased B. Chales-de Beaulieu, spiritual and astral health practitioner, was in Germany also known as "The Wise of the North", who at that time Johannes Heinrichs neither knew nor even knew that a person named Johannes Heinrichs even exists. Here as PDF file!  >>
Johannes Heinrichs:  Criticism the integral faculty of reason  -  A philosophical psychology Volume I:  Grammar of the human awareness assets Volume II:  Map of the unconscious The universal task of the science is to scientifically prove the spiritual, that is, the universal modes of functioning of the things and contexts and to provide them as knowledge to the humanity so that the humanity can evolve with this knowledge. And to rank to the biggest questions of the humanity: What is the consciousness and how does it work? Is there a subconscious and what is and how does the unconscious then work? What is the consciousness of self? Is there a soul, and if so, how does it influenced the consciousness and control the unconscious? And can these areas be differentiated and distinguished in terms of concepts as well as localized in the human? Johannes Heinrichs is one of the greatest thinkers and philosophers of this planet. Currently, no other philosopher on this world has such a great philosophical knowledge and abilities as Johannes Heinrichs, a knowledge that he has acquired in his previous lives and that is stored and retrievable in his causal body. That is, that in his earlier lives, but certainly in his last life, Heinrichs was a great, a world philosopher, because genius, a great knowledge and an exceptional ability does not just fall from the sky or is simply just given as a gift. No, one have to work hard for this and have internalized as applicable knowledge. And this internalized knowledge is then stored in one's own causal body and never gets lost again in this way, which means that one can benefit from this knowledge in all one’s own other earthly lives and continue building, expanding and developing it from the current state. And in these two books, he begins with the scientific discipline of the reflection theory to derive and to demonstrate scientifically precise the human consciousness and its awareness assets in their universal functionings! These two books impart an understanding of the everyday human consciousness functions, such as perception, thinking, feeling, and intuition as well as so fundamental as the idling of the thoughts and above all, the so-called unconscious and its influence on the consciousness of self. Nothing less than these awareness assets, synonymous with the mental faculties of the human, their localization, their inner and systematic interlocking as well as their modes of functioning are proven and demonstrated in these two volumes. So he demonstrates i.a. that the unconscious is an implicit consciousness that has a reincarnational history, which means nothing else than that the unconscious represents a knowledge which acquired and internalized in previous lives and which stored in the causal body. And in Volume II he goes i.a. to the questions: What is the causal, the astral, the physical, the emotional and the mental body, which functions do these have and how do they relate to each other? Range of subjects that have long been treated in the true spirituality, but to represent completely virgin territory for the science! In addition, in volume II he presents further new scientifically founded theses, with which he is the first scientist to make an advance to further and here also to the actual universal functionings: that the unconscious consists of three independent tribes, which he clearly differentiates in terms of concept and thus, above all, relates to each other, with which he rectifies C. G. Jung, who spoke of a general or universal unconscious, because these three tribes (the implicit consciousness, by Freud also called the preconscious, the physical unconscious and the superconscious), which Jung knew as such, he could not concretely relate to each other, as well as, that the unconscious and the psyche can not be equated, but have to be considered separately from each other, with which he rectifies Sigmund Freud, which emanated only from two tribes of the unconscious, but could not differentiate them fundamentally and therefore also could not clearly relate to each other. This comprehensive presentation, in these two volumes, with these really numerous new scientific findings mean a novelty in the theory of consciousness or in the consciousness research, one of the very major work topics and research areas of the philosophy. In summary, one may quite rightly say that in these two books Heinrichs has found the key to the key of the human awareness assets and mental faculties in a scientific demonstration. A real masterpiece, in which he not only evolved the reflection theory as a scientific discipline evolutionary, but that also demonstrates that the reflection theory is the only science which can capture and describe the universal nature of the human consciousness and its faculties and modes of functioning  -  in contrast to the materialism! (These two books are sadly only available in German language!)
And here is another book in two volumes which does not already reflect concrete inner spiritual knowledge, but which proves and points out specific areas of the universal nature and functionings of the human with the science of philosophy!
• • • •
A HINT! If one has decided to seek the help of a spiritual advisor, then is urgent and absolutely to discourage from those who can only enter or contact the subtle or even astral levels through a trance and / or through drugs! Because in a trance and / or drug penetration into the subtle levels, one completely separate oneself from the own soul! And that has the consequence that in the astral levels one can be attacked, abused and deceived by everything and everyone without one even recognizing and noticing it as such! One is no longer able to distinguish positive from negative! Likewise, can then false information be transmitted from the negative, which one then can not be recognized and distinguish as such because of being seperated from the own soul! For these reasons, such people are not suitable as spiritual advisors or media, because one can not be sure if their informations and statements are actually true or just wrong!