On this page, issues about future ideas are thematized in loose sequence that should inspire to question and think!
Artificial intelligence as a world saver and world corrector? In order to gain widespread approval and acceptance for artificial intelligence among the population, the supposed advantages of artificial intelligence are always mentioned first and for the rest as only that artificial intelligence can eradicate hunger and poverty, can save the climate as well as create and secure world peace. All existential problems that we humans seem to be unable to solve, as the reality seems to prove? Or are the causes not based on the fact that the system-defining power elites are simply not interested in solutions and do not even allow them at all? In any case, the reality is that such artificial intelligence is neither researched nor worked in any other way, but the fact is that all financing structures and thus, of course, also the systemic and state financing structures are only aimed at areas that can be used against the people, such as maximizing profits, collecting and evaluating of personal data, espionage and surveillance as well as the military and warfare. Nevertheless, let's do the following intellectual game: Let us assume that such artificial intelligences would actually are used! What would be if these artificial intelligences came then to the conclusion that in order to eradicate hunger and poverty, we should redistribute more fairly, we should refrain from today's unfair distribution of property, we have to stop the unproductive money gain and the unconditional maximization of profit, we have to reverse the digitalization in the world of work and put the people in work with an adequate income, we have to abolish and reconstructure our capitalist (neoliberal) economic system? What would be if its came to the conclusion that in order to achieve and ensure world peace that we i.a. should no longer consider and treat economic and geo-strategic and -political interests purely selfishly and enforce and secure them with warlike means, that we should stop the Deep State activities? Would we do that then? All obvious and, above all, logical solutions that have been formulated and demanded by many people with an alert and common sense and seeing-can eyes for decades, but which have been dismissed and reprimanded as leftist communist nutjobs! Would we do that realizing at once just because that said an AI now?   Would we do that? And if yes, what does that say about us humans? We, the only beings who are capable for self-reflection, who can consciously develop further independently and self-determined due to our soul and awareness assets  -  (also spiritually). We, who can think (dialectically) with our intellectual abilities and who have developed and programmed artificial intelligence in the first place. Do we no longer trust our own abilities, insights and knowledge? And if yes, why? Because we have already removed ourselves very much from being human and his abilities that we want no longer to trust and to believe ourselves? And as a result: Because on the whole we have become so dependent and incapable that we have to transfer our self-responsibilities on other? Questions that are still largely in the hypothetical, but still have a real reference and therefore a justification!