On this page, issues about future topics are thematized in loose sequence that should inspire to question and think!
What future?: 1. A form of the totalitarian-paternalistic-technocratically organized and totally monitored and controlled digital and augmented society with socialist lineaments and a pseudo-democratic facade or 2. the anti-intellectual and social Darwinist ideology of the libertarianism, which, as Chile has proven, can only be sustained with a dictatorship or 3. supposed holism with an impractical collectivism, cooperativism and regionalism as well as with an idealized image of the human? The existing systemic order is really eroding! Everyone feels it, it's somehow in the air. Everyone somehow knows that, including the elites of the existing systemic order. This can be seen, for example, in the fact that the system begins to use all available means to fight against critics or opponents on an existential level, such as with the terminating of bank accounts and the criminalizing of protests. Or, as in Germany, with the new, arbitrarily interpre- table secret service task of "delegitimizing the state and its representatives and institutions", that is, a secret service action against citizens who criticize the existing systemic order, its institutions and elites as well as their policies. By the way, a recurring and typical procedure of the state, of the system, when the existing system is actually and really in the process of being eroded. Or, also as in Germany, with the construction of a moat around their own parliament for to prevent demonstrations. Or, once again in Germany, with the reversal of the burden of proof, indeed initially for now only in civil service law and civil service, but which anyhow undermines the principle of the rule of law and converts the state into a totalitarian system of despotism - (Addendum: This project and intention had to be weakened for constitutional reasons.). Or, still in Germany, with the law to promote denunciation and with the total digital surveillance and control of all email traffic and all chat posts in messenger services at every citizen as well as with the Democracy Promotion Act, but which in practice means a controlled democracy, because only a specific, prescribed spectrum of opinions should be allowed in it and last but not least, with the introduction of the monitoring and control instrument Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) via the instrument of the so-called "differentiated direct payment of state social benefits and assistances". Mind you, all that from a left-wing government with the involvement of the Green Party. - (Many citizens of the former GDR say that in the meantime in today's Germany, in terms of cooptation and state surveillance, control and encroachment as well as in terms of freedom of speech and opinion, is worse than in the at that time dictatorship of the GDR! And, meanwhile, more and more Germans are emigrating from Germany for political reasons.) - Or the so-called „Digital Services Act“, a censorship law by the European Commission „against the dissemination of (so-called) fake news and hate speech in order to strengthen the democracy“, which came into force throughout the European Union on August 25, 2023, and which means in practice that citizens who rightly and legitimately question, criticize and contradict publically the official narrative predefined by those in power, i.e. all oppositio- nal statements, which made on the Internet, will be censored, prosecuted and sanctioned, for example, using the popular method of the blocking of bank accounts. The whole thing is paired with the so-called "Media Freedom Act", with which the media, and here in particular the so-called "free or independent media", are to be brought into line. With these laws, we no longer have a democracy in the sense of the liberalism within the European Union, but a controlled, illiberal democracy, in which it is determined from above what may be said and thought, as in the former GDR, so nothing else than a dictatorship! So the fight for the future has begun! And in this diffuse conflict situation, three main directions of thought emerge. Special to the first direction of thought: „The Big Reset“, a documentary film about the backgrounds of the so-called „Corona pandemic“ and the vaccination campaign as well as about the systemic ideas and goals behind it: To the movie! >> IMPORTANT INFORMATION! The Solar Hierarchy energetically supports the absolutely necessary reappraisal of the Corona crimes! Because everything can be seen in the astral, nothing can be hidden in the astral, cannot lied and nothing can be hushed up and kept secret or glossed over and whitewashed, in the astral one sees the whole naked truth. And the official handling of the "Corona pandemic" was actually a deliberately targeted and consciously designed attack on the democracy as well as on the humanity, an attack on the integrity and physical integrity, on the individual freedom, autonomy and self-determination as well as on the personal and individual further development of the people, and that for only base motives. This can not only be seen in the astral, in the ether, but above all also in the astral bodies of those involved. Here, universal laws were deliberately violated in the form of exercise of negative power and abuse of power, claim to omnipotence, enforcing of an extremely negative and anti-human agenda, ideology, presumption, megalomania, hybris, destruction of the social, dehumanisation, hate, censorship, fraud, deceit and lies, manipulation, tampering, greed for profit, corruption, self- aggrandisement, self-righteousness, agitation, malice (malice also on an existential level), anti-integrity and homicide on a scale never seen before. An action and procedure that will have extremely negative karmic consequences for those involved! • Here again as PDF file! >> Additional documentary films by the French documentary filmmaker and investigative journalist Pierre Barnèrias, who is very well known in France. With these films, Pierre Barnèrias has revealed the lies, the corruption and the manipulations related to the handling of the Coronavirus, as well as the true origins and the formation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the so-called Corona Pandemic. To the movie „Hold Up“! >> To the movie „Hold On“! >> FOR READING! - Dr. Naomi Wolf: The Pfizer Documents - What Pfizer and the FDA wanted to keep secret for 75 years! These reports were written by the 3,500 medical experts of the Pfizer Documents Analysis team under the direction of Dr. Naomi Wolf. The reports show that Pfizer knew during the clinical trial that its COVID-19 mRNA drug was harmful on a large scale, could be shed from person to person, and even contributed to deaths. Comprehensive informations here! >>And here is an introduction from Dr. Naomi Wolf and Steve Bannon! >> The new WHO Pandemic Agreement: So far, the WHO may only make recommendations. But now, with the comprehensive revision of the Inter- national Health Regulations (IHR) and a Pandemic Agreement, the WHO wants to equip itself with extensive executive power. These treaties, which are to be anchored in international law, mean in practice the total surveillance and the total power and control over the body of the individual person as well as the abolition of the self-determination, if not to say the abolition of the individual and thus of the individual person, its mean the start of the transhumanist world dictatorship! These treaties constitute a crime against the democracy and, above all, against the humankind! • All informations here! >> How to master the climate change?: Efficiency vs. Holism? Old Thinking vs. New Thinking? So far, the climate change is still wrongly seen and dealt with as a single issue. And from this point of view, the view is increasingly gaining ground that the climate change can be mastered only with efficiency. This approach is being put by powerful actors on the political agenda with pressure. To these actors belong i.a. Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Peter Thiel (PayPal), Bill Gates as well as the founder and head of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab (The Great Reset), who both are neither philanthropists nor friends of mankind, but are subject to a god complex and ideologically completely blinded and shape the world in a negative way with their money and the resulting power as well as the primordial patriarchal project of the destroying of everything natural and replacing it with something artificial, want to bring it to completion, Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, Rishi Sunak, the IMF, the WTO, the Rockefeller Foundation and of course the tech companies and the Silicon Valley, the European Commission as well as the German, Swedish and Chinese government and, not to forget, Blackrock, who follow the transhumanist, anti-enlightenment, totalitarian, patriarchal and utterly destructive ideology that everything has to be made more efficient. These include i.a. the health, the agriculture / the foodstuffs/food (destruction of the agriculture in favor of the global foodstuff major corporations and the insect industry), the nature, the political decision-making processes and actions (transfer and shift of the executive power to democratically not legitimized global institutions, such as to the highly corrupt, power-hungry and completely incompetent non-governmental organization WHO), the social interactions (the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) as well as also the human itself (the genetically modified and augmented human) and of course the mastering of the climate change. And that, of course, should only work with a complete digitization of all levels and areas of life, and that, of course, only for the benefit of the private sector of economy, only for profit, power, surveillance and control interests. However, this technocratic-mechanistic and presumptuous approach is fundamentally wrong and doomed to failure, because the climate change can only be successfully mastered with a holistic, an integral knowledge and understanding, only with a holistic, an integral approach. And this holistic, integral approach includes the inner understanding that everything is connected and interacts with each other, or in other words, that the whole Uni- verse and everything that is in it is an one single entity, an one single being, as well as the overall systemic understanding, because the climate change represents also a question of the system, because with the existing neoliberal system the climate change cannot be mastered. It needs a fundamental renewal and further development of the overall systemic framework conditions, i.e. a further development and advancement of the democracy itself. But the one-sided and pure focus on efficiency through digitization and technical innovation is the exact opposite of holism! Furthermore, this approach represents the old thinking, which is expressed in the fact, among other, to have to capture, conquer, fight, defeat, control and dominate everything and everyone, but also in the fact that we keep voting for the same politicians, even though we know that they do not serve the common good, but are mainly guided by exert-want of negative power, because we have gotten used to it and accepted that that is the way it is. - (Our leading politicians, our so-called „elites“ are not good and certainly not developed persons, but quite the opposite, they are by a majority persons of a base-souled nature!) - But the old thinking and acting negates, denies and excludes the universal fact that everything is in interaction with one another, that everything is an one single entity, an one single being, which is why it is so destructive. That is why the procedure of the sole efficiency, digitization and technical innovation ultimately only means a continuation of the old thinking and acting and thus only a “continuing as before”, only “business as usual” and the further rejection of the human and being human, the nature, the life, the universal nature and functionings of the things, relationships and contexts, the democracy and the necessary harmony with the whole, as well as a refeudalization and digital dictatorship as well as the one-sided transfer of the self-responsibility and self-determination to, among other, artificial intelligences instead of develop further ourselves. In summary, this approach means in practice, the total contempt of all life and of the love. And on the evidence of the existential state of our planet, this old thinking and acting, still practiced to date, has to be described as clearly failed! So the mastering of the climate change also requires a necessary new seeing, thinking and acting that reflects the knowledge that everything interacts with one another, that everything is an one single entity, an one single being, and the imperative to live in harmony with the whole. But the humanity in its entirety is still very far from this knowledge and understanding. And accordingly there is still no political force that shows a real holistic understanding. Also not the Green Parties, worse still, the German Green Party is the most anti-intellectual, most anti-spiritual, most anti-democratic, most ideological and, as a result, the most incompetent, most decadent, most totalitarian and most paternalistic and, in turn as a result, the most dangerous and most destructive as well as, as it show, the most corrupt Party of all German Parties. Even with the Green Parties, there will be no better world, but quite the opposite, the policies of the Green Parties mean in practice the totalitarianism! And also not Fridays for Future, who have, with the exception of the Australian section, not developed further at all intellectually and in terms of content substance, which in turn is typical and normal for movements and their representatives, worse still, the German section of Fridays for Future has long been on a negative path when it comes to the need to maintain of the integrity (Once one have tasted from the power!) 1 . And, by the way, also not the sciences, with the exception of a few individual scientists and in the first rudiments the Quantum Physics, as well as, also in the first rudiments, the Psychoneuroimmunology, but only in the area of health / medicine (body-soul-mind relationships and modes of functioning). Insertion: Unfortunately, Fridays for Future and their representatives have, like the entire climate movement, developed completely negatively and are completely on a negative path in terms of democracy, exercise of power, integrity as well as of content substance and disregard the universal law "to assign the tasks and responsibilities only to the most suitable". In addition to that, the most representatives do not have the necessary intellectual abilities as well as the necessary knowledge and are meanwhile, as a result, presumptuous, autocratic, conceited and self-righteous in their thinking and acting and strive for dictatorial power, the most negative form of power, and enter into appropriate connections and relationships, with which, all in all, they build up a negative karma. That is why they are not suitable and qualified to cooperate on a better world. Beyond that, it turns out that they still have to make certain learning experiences in the above-mentioned factual contexts and connections, necessary learning experiences that they also need for their personal and individual further development and will therefore also make them. These learning experiences will also be expressed in an existential failure. Furthermore, of course, also Fridays for Future has taken the typical development of movements. Movements are fundamentally always inhomo- geneous and multi pluralistic and only unite behind a large, general central theme as well as behind shallow or smattering and undifferentiated claims. But every movement eventually comes to the point where it has to become concrete in terms of content. From this point on, the plurality of a move- ment becomes apparent and the divergence developments begin. Those who want to work specifically in terms of content and, above all, are able to do that, then see themselves forced having to leave the movement and to start their own projects, because the movement, for to be able to survive as a movement, has to retain to the central theme as well as to the shallow or smattering and undifferentiated claims. All that remains is intellectual medio- crity, as is particularly evident, conspicuous and obvious in the German section, the world's largest section, and its representatives 2 , where this develop- ment is already completely completed. This development is then irreversible, because then the levels of encounter disband. The movement then only moves on the mere activist level, which in turn is the cause of radicalization developments, the sticking to the topic becomes an end in itself. Addendum, February 2023: In particular, the incident of the vacation flight to Bali of two climate activists from the "Last Generation" movement and, above all, the internal and external handling of it, have proven that the climate movement lacks the necessary intellectual qualities as well as the awareness of the need for integrity and, as a result, the ability for the honest regulation of maldevelopments. As I said, at this inner and anti-dialectical level of development, the protagonists of the climate movement are not suitable to cooperate on a better world. 1, 2 Hereto an exemplary example: The German climate activist Luisa Neubauer, who, by the way, completes an infinite number of long-haul flights in her activities and is therefore also called “long-haul Luisa” internally and who has long been presumptuous and suffers from self-aggrandizement and, above all, energetically as well as of her inner social identity dependent on her elitist social position and who lack the necessary ethical awareness and even more negative, who is in the meantime anti-democratic and power-hungry and spreads fake news as well as basking herself in the infantile and anti-intellectual (left-wing) mainstream bubble in her narcissistic self-portrayals (keyword: her exalted appearance in a cooking show), who belongs to the decadent faction that do not practise what it preaches, who therefore has neither the necessary spirit nor the character, but which are absolutely necessary for a leading function in which knowledge and, above all, integrity are important, responded to the double standards of the climate move- ment in dealing with the holiday flight to Bali, which by the German comedian Kurt Krömer addressed: "Better double standards than no standards at all!" - As I said, at this low intellectual and awareness level, with this totalitarian and corrupt mentality, the protagonists of the climate movement are not suitable for the cooperation on a better world. In summary: Unfortunately, one has to state that the climate movement, as it currently presents itself, just like the all so-called „gender“ and „wokeness movements“, from all of its inner seeing, thinking, knowledge and understanding, is the most stupid, most negative, most one-dimensional and most underdeveloped movement of all previous political movements. And it is a movement, just like the gender and wokeness movements, which has a negative attitude towards the humans, if not to say which, due to its undifferentiated perspectives and anti-dialectic, even regards the human as an enemy, worse still, it is a movement in which, just like in the gender and wokeness movements, there is no awareness of love, but in the meantime the egocentricity, double standards, spiritlessness and stupidity, onesidedness, undercomplexity, irrationality, irresponsibility, hostility to life, hysteria, dogmatism, fanaticism and hate and above all negative power determine the thinking and acting, which in turn results in that they cannot offer any viable alternatives that serve the good of the whole. But the biggest failure of the climate movement is that they allow themselves to be instrumen- talized for economic interests without even realizing it at all (keyword i.e.: the financing of the climate movement). Ending: Needless to say, that at this level of development and with such a totalitarian and above all exoteric way of thinking and acting against the universal laws and functionings, the climate movement and its representatives, just like the gender and wokeness movements, are not supported by the Solar Hierarchy, but are left to their resulting (negative) karma and failure. PS: Personally, in my now more than 30 years of experience in this regard, I have not yet seen a movement that has developed so negatively in really every respect! Even with the climate movement, there will be no better world, but quite the opposite, the climate movement clearly wants a misan- thropic and life-hostile climate and eco-dictatorship! (By the way, based on the actual universal natures and functionings, the contents of the gender and wokeness movements are absolute nonsense in the truest sense of the word, or in other words are its contents just a mental aberration. Here more about the gender and wokeness movements! >> ) Addendum, November 2023: With its public distancing from Greta Thunberg in context with the Israel-Palestine war, the German section of Fridays for Future has proven that it no longer allows dissenting opinions and therefore anti-democratic is, as well as that it has unreflected and undifferentiated completely subordinated itself to the official narrative predefined by those in power, so has been completely assimilated by the mainstream, by the so-called establishment. Here FFF Germany it is not about differentiation and finding the truth, but only about the maintaining of the own (putative) power! And that means that Fridays for Future Germany is a total failure in terms of the necessary system renewal! Regardless of this, FFF Germany has long been an authoritarian association, because what can be said and thought is dictated in a totalitarian manner from above and because all contradictions are canceled. These conditions led to the self-dissolution of the Bremen regional association because it no longer wanted to support this situation. Largely responsible for these developments is Luisa Neubauer, who presumes to want to be THE leader, but, as I said, does not even begin to have the necessary skills for that. But also the conservativism, as it currently presents itself, as well as the libertarianism do not represent a solution either. Because both orientations pay homage to a false, negative performance fetish and are still market radicals, see wealth as a cult and are therefore social Darwinist. In doing so, they violate the universal laws of “freedom and responsibility”, “power and abundance” as well as “integrity and wisdom” and are therefore currently the most anti-spiritual and most exoteric orientations of all! Summarized, that is why we are currently still limited to answering the question of how to finance the necessary climate protection measures? But due to the still prevailing neoliberal thinking in the politics, the costs of the measures are almost completely shifted on to the consumer, such as the CO2 tax, the emission certificates for private homes and traffic, the obligation for energy-saving measures of private houses and, above all, the artificially inflated energy prices and the energy rationing as well as last but not least, the CO2 quotation for each individual person, and, the now latest idea, the taxation of the breathing air, namely by taxing the CO2 that one puff when breathe out. And due to the global neoliberal framework conditions and the resulting negative overall systemic developments, such as the increasing social ine- quality, of course, this approach will automatically only increase the social inequality further, which in turn will bring the entire project to failure. Because if the decided measures immediately become a social question, of course the climate protection has no chance. Which in turn shows that with the existing neoliberal system (and a debt brake) the climate change cannot be mastered. (Addendum: In the meantime, it has become apparent that the climate protection measures are designed in such a way that they promise the greatest possible profit, so mean a gigantic redistribution from bottom to top, as well as will neither protect the climate nor be environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable, keywords: inefficient and ineffective technologies such as wind turbines, photovoltaic plants, heat pumps and hydrogen, short lifespan of wind turbines, heat pumps, electric cars and battery energy storages, lack of recycling processes and the resulting large mountains of hazar- dous waste, soil sealing and destruction of the nature and the environment through the construction of wind turbines and photovoltaic power plants, environmental destruction through the exploitation of, among other things, rare earths, the destruction of the agriculture and thus the destruction of the self-sufficiency and thus the destruction of the food security with necessary natural foodstuffs!) Therefore, there is currently only the only way that all necessary climate protection measures, such as the conversion of the energy generation, the decentralization, the establishment of self-sufficiency structures, the conversion to a circular economy, the renewal and conversion of all heating systems, the building refurbishment and insulation, the conversion of the agriculture and the mobility, the conversion and construction of the neces- sary infrastructures and manufacturing facilities as well as the education of the necessary skilled workers, must be fully financed by the state! That is concretely: All the necessary measures are financed by the central banks and not by tax revenues and taxpayer funds, such as with the so-called “Risk Equalization Fund” or “Risk Balancing Fund”, which the Green Parties are aiming for and which in practice means nothing else than the neoliberal practice of the privatizing of the profits and the socializing of the losses. Because a conversion financed by taxpayer money would mean in practice, especially with the existing interest-based monetary system, to have to stick to a destructive growth-oriented economy. And a largely privately financed conversion is not feasible due to the economic situation of the population, which in turn results from the global neo- liberal framework conditions. So that means, the money required is simply printed by the central banks. And after the completion of all measures, there is then a debt cut, with which the additionally printed money are taken out of the market and, above all, the resulting systemic instabilities are eliminated. Incidentally, this procedure has already been successfully practiced several times in the past, keywords: the so-called year of release or the “Year of Jubilee” in Europe and the “well-ordered insolvency” in the USA. And even with this ideal case, it will be very difficult to be able to implement the necessary climate protection measures in the remaining very short period of time. Not only because of the very short period of time, but also because there are not enough raw materials and building and construction supplies as well as skilled workers available for the necessary conversion and because recycling processes for many emission-free technologies as well as necessary energy-efficient and economically technologies, such as energy storages, do not yet exist. And of course also because of that, because such a conversion, even under ideal conditions, is an undertaking that generally takes several decades. And an „everything at once and immediately“, so using a sledgehammer, the procedure that is practiced in the European Union and above all especially in Germany, and that then without existing viable alternatives as well, as precisely in the European Union and especially in Germany, fundamentally never works in the reality, but is a throwing out the baby with the bathwater, as the example of Germany proves and which is why Great Britain had to radically end this experiment again. Will this approach ultimately prevail in politics and in the society or will we persist in "old thinking and acting" for intellectual dullness, ideological reasons and power maintaining, which in turn is likely to mean failure to master with the climate change? Corona: Health thinking new? July 2020: Since 2020 we have been dealing with a so-called “pandemic”, the so-called “Corona pandemic”, triggered by the Covid-19 virus or the Covid-Sars-2 virus, which went around the whole world. But also with this virus, as in principle with all viruses, one can observe that many millions of people become infected with this virus, but only a relatively small percentage also develop symptoms of disease, and even much less then also die of it. Why is that? There must be a reason for that? The reason for this is that disease patterns that are triggered by a virus also have psychosomatic causes (body-soul-mind relationships and modes of functioning)! This means that a topic is active in one of which one should become aware and which one should then explore, work on and overcome. And the causal issue that a virus can also trigger clinical pictures, such as respiratory diseases and the associated other symptoms of disease, is: mass negativity, a negative belief in statistics and a from that resulting negative and dependent thinking, negative thinking about the life, from that resulting (great) fears, existential fears, a great anger and bitterness about certain life circumstances and contexts and from that resulting a lack of joy to take in the life completely! This is also the reason why older people develop symptoms of illness and die from them far more often than young people, because alone the longer life span makes them much more likely to build up this topic in oneself. So one can see that the causal issue for viral diseases is of a more complex nature and that the causes for one's own living conditions, which can lead that one to build up this topic in oneself, can be of different origins. But, based on the number of cases, it can be clearly deduced that the existing systems clearly promote the height of the case rates, especially those of illness and death! This means that the existing systems produce living conditions that lead that one to build up this topic in oneself! Examples: For example, in Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, the USA and Great Britain, in the Central and South American as well as in many Asian countries, the number of cases are many times higher than e.g. in Germany, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Why is that? In Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal, the systems there have been destroyed to such an extent by the ultra-neoliberal “austerity dictates” in context with the so-called “financial crisis” of 2007/2008 that they have not recovered to this day and, above all, because of the forced excessive privatization of common property paired with the global neoliberal framework conditions, they can not really recover either. France has never really introduced the neoliberalism in France, which has resulted that France being decoupled from the neoliberal world system in many ways, which in turn has led to great economic upheavals. Then Macron came along and wanted to make the country “competitive” again with neoliberal reforms, which of course only made the situation much more worse. The USA and Great Britain no longer have any real neoliberal systems, but have largely turned negatively into libertarian systems. And in the Central and South American as well as in many Asian countries, in addition to this, there are often openly corrupt and power-abusing, in some cases also dictatorial systems with a lot of exploitation, suppression and great poverty. In all of these countries the people are under a great existential pressure, and that of course promotes the fact that one to build up this topic in oneself and from that resulting the case rates. There is also the fact that due to the causal issue for viral diseases, to work with fear, like the politics does here willful, is the falsest and most negative way ever! Now one wants, so to speak, to “defeat” this virus with a vaccine. However, this project will not work, as one could and should already know from the flu viruses! Because despite numerous flu drugs and vaccines as well as the formation of their own antibodies, millions of people fall ill with flu again every year. - (Regardless of the fact that several hundred thousand people worldwide die of flu every year, and not to mention of the many thousand of deaths from multi-resistant germs and bacteria in Germany alone.) - In the meantime, one could also draw this conclusion from the current “corona pandemic”, because more and more people who were previously ill suddenly develop symptoms of the disease again, which according to the conventional medicine actually cannot be, because these patients actually developed immunity, that is antibodies. And a vaccination is nothing more than that weakened pathogens are added to one so that our body produces antibodies. Furthermore, viruses are constantly mutating, which is why they cannot really be targeted by a vaccine. And above all, this project will of course not be able to work because external (healing) methods can only soothe the symptoms, but cannot really cure them, because with a like here only vaccination the actual causal issue for the disease is neither worked on nor overcome. Because as long as the relevant topic is active in one, it will definitely to cut one's way again. So this will be the next existential experience that the humanity will face! How will the people then deal with it, above all with the background that also this virus will not go away again, but will stay? Will they slowly become aware that illnesses have completely different causes and accordingly have to be viewed and dealt with in a completely different way? Will the people slowly realize that their belief in the (conventional) medicine actually means giving up their self-responsibility as well as their indepen- dence and self-determination and that a real healing with such thinking and acting cannot be possible at all? And from that resulting: Will they start to question the existing system of the almost completely neoliberal privatized health economy, and as a result of this, which only thinks and works in a profit-oriented manner and, in addition to it, which meanwhile has systemic relevance for the need for growth, but what in practice means that it can only secure and guarantee its profits and thus growth if the people definitely get sick and, above all, stay sick if possible? - (Contexts and relationships that are particularly evident i.a. in the examples of the antibiotic research that is no longer taking place as well as the diabetes medication. And it is precisely the “Corona crisis” that has proven the unsuitability of a neoliberal health system that has been reduced purely to profit maximization.) - And in turn from that resulting: Will the people recognize the hypocrisy and spiritlessness of the ruling “elites” who refuse to gain knowledge and the resulting necessary further developments solely for reasons of system and thus power maintaining? Or will they, out of fear and panic, allow and even support the development towards dictatorial measures and systems? - (Addition, September 2021: Which in principle will almost inevitably come due to the internal logic of the previous measures and the political thinking that can be seen in them!) Addition, March 2021: Incidentally, the cause of this pandemic was actually a laboratory accident and not a virus that bypassed the species barrier! One have to know that for many years a (also government) research with naturally occurring, harmless viruses is financed also by government funds with the aim of creating viruses artificially that are much more dangerous for the humans and, for example, can attack other organs in addition to the respiratory tract as well as being able to bypass the species barrier. The problem is just that the relevant research facilities cannot be hermetically sealed - it is simply not possible - so that there are many leaks and therefore viruses can break out at any time. Due to this fact, the relevant expert scientists sounded the alarm in 2012 and predicted that a global pandemic will break out in the next 10 years. With that they meant that it could not break out, but will break out definitely. As a result, this research has been banned in 2014 by the Obama administration in the United States and out- sourced to China, among others, but continues to be co-financed by the US government. Do we really need such research? And if so, for what? Artificial intelligence as a world saver and world corrector? In order to gain widespread approval and acceptance for artificial intelligence among the population, the supposed advantages of artificial intelligence are always mentioned first and for the rest as only that artificial intelligence can eradicate hunger and poverty, can save the climate as well as create and secure world peace. All existential problems that we humans seem to be unable to solve, as the reality seems to prove? Or are the causes not based on the fact that the system-defining power elites are simply not interested in solutions and do not even allow them at all? In any case, the reality is that such artificial intelligence is neither researched nor worked in any other way, but the fact is that all financing structures and thus, of course, also the systemic and state financing structures are only aimed at areas that can be used against the people, such as maximizing profits, collecting and evaluating of personal data, espionage and surveillance as well as the military and warfare, so AIs are used as an instrument of power and domination. Nevertheless, let's do the following intellectual game: Let us assume that such artificial intelligences would actually are used! What would be if these artificial intelligences came then to the conclusion that in order to eradicate hunger and poverty, we should redistribute more fairly, we should refrain from today's unfair distribution of property, we have to stop the unproductive money gain and the unconditional maximization of profit, we have to reverse the digitalization in the world of work and put the people in work with an adequate income, we have to abolish and reconstructure our capitalist (neoliberal) economic system? What would be if its came to the conclusion that in order to achieve and ensure world peace that we i.a. should no longer consider and treat economic and geo-strategic and -political interests purely selfishly and enforce and secure them with warlike means, that we should stop the Deep State activities? Would we do that then? All obvious and, above all, logical solutions that have been formulated and demanded by many people with an alert and common sense and seeing-can eyes for decades, but which have been dismissed and reprimanded as leftist communist nutjobs! Would we do that realizing at once just because that said an AI now? Would we do that? And if yes, what does that say about us humans? We, the only beings who are capable for self-reflection, who can consciously develop further independently and self-determined due to our soul and awareness assets - (also spiritually). We, who can think (dialectically) with our intellectual abilities and who have developed and programmed artificial intelligence in the first place. Do we no longer trust our own abilities, insights and knowledge? And if yes, why? Because we have already removed ourselves very much from being human and his abilities that we want no longer to trust and to believe ourselves? And as a result: Because on the whole we have become so dependent and incapable that we have to transfer our self-responsibilities on other? Questions that are still largely in the hypothetical, but still have a real reference and therefore a justification!