Structures are the arteries of a system. And the heart-chambers of a system are its institutions. Structures anchor and manifest a system. They serve the transport and the establishment of contents and also the communication in all political and social areas. Structures, because of their necessity, always develop in every system. They automatically emerge from systemic institutions, and depending on the structure, content, and legal embedding and design of these institutions, can be clearly predicted the design and dynamics of the resulting structures, because they always follow a logical development. And so, as an example, it can be predicted with certainty that if you give the secret services more powers, then inevitably or in logical and normative development, only authoritarian to totalitarian developments can result. However, system-defining structures can also be deliberately developed, built up and implemented in an already existing system independently of systemic institutions in order to achieve specific goals and to establish their own content. Such structures are e.g. built by the economy and intentionally designed and created by think tanks so that in their logical development they become independent and more powerful than the politics themselves and penetrate all areas of the society. Three examples: Due to such structures and their power, it is now almost impossible for politicians to reverse the largely privatization and economization of the health system. As well as such structures lead to it that the social insurance and thus the entire social welfare system is increasingly privatized. And above all, our neoliberal world system, which with its global system institutions and structures and its legal implementation no longer allows a change of policy. For this an example: The US investment fund Blackrock manages a total sum of 6 trillion dollars, this corresponds the twice of the German GDP. This sum means, of course, an unbelievable power of design that goes far beyond of the political power of the most nation- states. In this sum, in addition to the wealth of super-rich families i.a. also the contributions of private life and pension insurance but also of state pension funds and welfare systems are include. The fact that state pension funds and welfare systems are also managed here, is reasoned by the circumstance, that due to the neoliberal labor, tax, financial, economic and social policies these welfare systems can no longer be adequately financed. And so that these social systems can be maintained, Blackrock was also commissioned by the state coffers to invest in the highest possible return. But there the existing investment and profit possibilities are now exhausted, there is currently a so-called investment backlog. One just do not know where to profit with the money. But there the return requirements must necessarily be achieved, is now being invested in real estate and then like in entire streets, in ground and land, in the commercial monocultural agriculture (keyword: Landgrabbing) and also in the digitization and in BIG DATA. And that in turn means in practice that the politics is forced to legalize and secure these investment opportunities with laws. And the negative spiral is taking its unstoppable course! Also, due to these systemic contexts, the so-called "Marshall Plan for Africa" or "with Africa", as it is officially called veiling, is pushed forward, with is about to connecting every area of the African economy to the world market exclusively for profit which, of course, means giving the western companies new sales markets and therewith new profit opportunities. Such undertakings are also called in the official political discourse "the introduction of free markets". The necessary investments, however, are mainly financed by Western so-called development aid funds, in which i.a. taxpayers' money is also included, and of which only so-called public private partnerships with Western companies are supported. What then leads in practice to the fact that the African state structures and tasks, because of this financial and thus power distribution, are taken over by these (western) big companies, so in practice means nothing else than the privatization of public and thus democratically accessible areas, infrastructures and tasks. Furthermore, this means that then, of course, that all profits, which, of course, are purely private because of the PPP, flow into (western) foreign countries and any losses or unrealized profit assumptions, then just as in the West, but then there, are socialized. All three examples have in large parts of the population led them to view these developments as given and can hardly be able to imagine an another design and other modes of functioning, and thereby even develop a fear and defense against necessary changes, while at the same time creating a fundamental defensive posture within the structures. And this, in turn, shows that systemic institutions and above all structures have a significant socializing and normative effect on the people, the society and the politics. That is why structures are knowingly designed so that they develop and manipulate the people's thinking, seeing and acting in a wanted direction. Because of this normative power of such systemic institutions and structures, such systems develop relatively quickly into negative so-called karmic spaces, such as the French and British social system or the EU institutions, and of course the 240-year-old US political and social system, which through its systemic and legal design abuse of power and corruption really promotes and therefore, due to its 240th anniversary, has been corrupted through and through for a long time, and has nothing anymore to do with a democracy in the sense of the liberalism. The US-american system has thus developed into a political system in which it is purely selfish only about their own careers. In sum, such designed systems lead in the logical and thus inevitable development to systems and then karmic spaces, from which then automatically only a specific thinking, seeing and acting as well as a specific inner attitude and in principle again and again the same basic characters be attracted, approved and promoted. The science, meanwhile, can also do with their means of research to name this status of development as "self-organizing systems". This negative status of development has long time reached the existing (world-) overall system, why necessary content and systemic renewal can only be introduced and established, if the current systemic institutions and structures are completely replaced because karmic spaces can no longer be changed and renewed in a normal way, neither in content nor in the systemic design. It just will not be allowed anymore because karmic spaces are the ultimate manifestation of a system! For these reasons, there is a need for a new social system with new systemic institutions and structures! With my many years of experience in the identification and analysis of the design, the functions and effects of systemic institutions and structures, I support the planning and development, the construction and also the implementation and establishment of systemic institutions and structures as well as their necessary flanking laws and legal frameworks, i.a. from the point of view of their normative and socializing effects. For this I work with the theory of reflection and action of the social, which is based on interpersonal communication, reflection and reconstruction and which also understand the institutions themselves as products of interpersonal reflection and also, as another instrument, with the universal, that is, with the spiritual functioning, functional contexts and mechanisms of action, with the spiritual or universal laws. In this way, I pursue the goal of achieving the greatest possible communication and the most positive socialization, as well as of a fundamental establishment of necessary content and systemic further developments and renewals. Furthermore should a maldevelopment towards power and rule structures and systems be prevented from the outset. The fundamental goal of this basically necessary systemic work is to promote the development of positive karmic spaces, in which i.a. reason and good sense, integrity, truthfulness and the good will of the people are promoted. Furthermore, this project aims to attract and educate capable, qualified and honest people for the work afterwards. People who have the ability of the overall systemic understanding and can think overall systemically as well as to maintain the intellectual integrity. Abilities, that are as prerequisite for the systemic work absolutely necessary. Because with a system collapse or even a "revolution" alone, it is not done! The real work begins only after that, because then it has to be, in addition to the substantive and legal renewal, not only the systemic institutions and structures are renewed and replaced, but above all also their acting actors, because it has never worked, if one, in whatever form, to set the wolf can guard the sheep. And beyond that, it needs then the necessary abilities and qualifications to be able to maneuver a new overall system through the then chaotic struggles and, above all, to be able to sustainably establish it.