INTEGRAL SYSTEM DESIGN           Systemic Institutions and Structures
Problems can only be solved integrally! With an interdisciplinary knowledge and the integral seeing- and thinking-can, I support the development of political as well as of system-renewing and -developing contents and concepts. In particular, in terms of not only the overall systemic, but also an integral, that is, a holistic practicability and load capacity, which can enable the human to live more in harmony with the whole. This means that the spiritual, that is to say, the universal laws also apply. In summary, I support the development of an integral policy that serves the good of the whole.
With the methodology of integral, that is, of holistic thinking and seeing, in addition to the logical, differentiated, multi-dimensional and constructive thinking as well as the overall systemic understanding, thinking and seeing, also the spiritual or universal functionings and mechanisms of action find application, I penetrate complex political and systemic themes, topics and questions and thus support the development of constructive and integral solutions.
As political system, I impart and explain the value-stepped reflection system theory of Four-segmentation, the integral democracy and social system of the Value-levels-democracy. In an advisory function, I support the development and establishment of political organizations and systems and also of systemic institutions and structures, i.a. from the point of view of the logic of the actions and socializations of the people in social systems and structures.
In the formation and development of political organizations for the implementation of systemic contents and concepts, in addition to a professional organization, that is also, in addition to a professional structural design, must be respected also on the limits of the reality of the human. Not everyone who offers or gets a grade is really suitable for specific functions or positions. In addition to the professional competence and experience, the intellectual abilities, the character traits, the personality structure as well as the inner level of development are also decisive for the success of a political project. This means in practice for a success, the unconditional observance of the universal law, to give the tasks, functions and responsibilities only to the most suitable! Expertise, and especially integrity, truthfulness and authenticity get a very special meaning here, without especially this political projects, which want to promise more justice and sustainability, can fail. Because a real effectualness and above all impact in the sense of a real change can only develop if the principle, the universal law of integrity is observed!
Projectdevelopment content organizational staff ______________________________ buildup of organizations & -further development ______________________________ development & buildup of structures ______________________________ conflictmanagement & integral investigation of causes
Especially in the systemic it needs the necessary institutional, structural and legal framework conditions to ensure the greatest possible communication and the best possible decision-making conditions. I support the planning and development, the construction as well as the implementation and establishment of systemic institutions and structures and also their flanking laws, i.a. from the point of view of its normative and socializing effects. For this I work i.a. with the theory of reflection and action of the social, which is based on interpersonal communication, reflection and reconstruction, and which also understand the institutions themselves as products of interpersonal reflection and can grasp and work with the implicit reflection and thus with the universal sociality of the human. With it I pursue the goal to effect a maximum communication and a positive socialization and to make possible a fundamental establishment of necessary content and systemic developments. Furthermore should a maldevelopment towards power and rule structures and systems be prevented from the outset. The fundamental goal is to promote the development of positive karmic spaces in which i.a. reason and good sense, integrity, truthfulness and also the good will of the people are promoted.
- The things think to the end! -
Truth is incontrovertible; it exists forever and always. And to attain them is not so much an activity, but rather a gift and ability of the soul decisive. Errors, on the other hand, occur in infinite forms. They have no reality, but are simply a creation of the mind. (As well as hopes and expectations.) This ancient wisdom reveals that research and experimentation, or philosophical and intellectual thinking alone, can not achieve all the truth. In order to get in the direction of the actual truth, it also needs the inner understanding of the things and contexts, that is, a brought inner knowledge about the spiritual or universal functionings of the things and contexts.
• Analysis of social, political and economic systems, their systemic structures and their flanking legal frameworks, i.a. in their complex functionings and normative mechanisms of action. • Analysis of system-renewing contents and concepts to their constructiveness and overall systemic practicability and load capacity, i.a. from the point of view of the formation and development of structures as well as of sociological, anthropological, cultural and reflection-theoretical contexts. • Analysis of political, economic and legislative projects, i.a. in their systemic, structural, normative and socializing effects. • Analysis of formations, of the design as well as of developments and momentums of systemic and institutional structures.
Integral Analysis
The maintaining of the spiritual integrity Furthermore, I advise in questions of spiritual, that is, of universal functionings and mechanisms of action as well as of karmic consequences.
For the introduction and establishment of a new system, two basic requirements must be met in advance: 1. There must be a consensus on which system to adopt, but which then also has to be practicable overall systemically! 2. A new elite/functional elite (Elite in the sense of knowledge and, above all, competence!) is needed for the introduction and establishment process because it is naive to believe that the existing political and power elites would implement or even support such a revolutionary process!
During a systemic renewal process, many negative personalizations can be activated that one were previously unaware of because they were still inactive. Such as vanities, envy and jealousy, neediness and sensitivities, striving for power, claims to power and power struggles, negative ambition, bossiness, dogmatism and know-it-all attitudes, egoisms, narcissism and grudge as well as presumptions, arrogance, self-righteousness and self-aggrandisements. All of this in turn leads to this that one is no longer able to maintain the necessary integrity, which in turn inevitably leads to negative developments as a logical consequence, which in turn can cause the entire renewal process to failure. Because for a clean and successful system renewal, the maintaining of the integrity is absolutely necessary as a basic requirement. I train suitable persons in issues as well as in the skill of the preservation of the integrity!