As of February 2020: The following informations has been broadcast on all frequencies for over 20 years. I received these informations for the first time about 15 years ago. And because these informations can sound quite apocalyptic, it should be said in advance that neither the earth will go down nor the mankind will go extinct - BUT! Beforehand, the following should serve as a brief introduction: In the universal, in the whole universe, the basic functional principle is the further development and advancement. That means that in cosmic events it is principally only about the continuous further development of the whole universe. However, the universe can only develop further if the souls develop further, this is based on the universal principle of action and function of the "consciousness of the atom". Because the atom corresponds in its development only with the level of development of the souls. The atom itself cannot develop independently, by itself, so to speak autonomously and on its own. The souls, in turn, can only develop in human life and here specifically only in earthly life and not in their astral phases, because the for the further development necessary soul and awareness assets only exist in connection with the human body and the earthly life. And human life, in turn, is only possible on the suitable planets, of which there are several in the universe, but not too many, and which are all populated with human life. And because there are only a few planets in the universe on which human life is possible, due to the principle of further development these planets are not simply given up, neither our earth. Referring to the question "If there is a God, why does He make people suffer like this?" it must be said that the human and thus also the humanity has to develop from themself or itself. An arbitrary intervention in the (self-determined) development of the humans has serious negative karmic consequences. That is why the main task of the Solar Hierarchy is just to educate, to advise and to protect the humans and the earth. The real and necessary work on the further development the mankind has to perform itself and independently, which it still does not do! That is why the Solar Hierarchy in connection with the cosmic forces sees itself really compelled to make the following massive intervention due to the following! Or in other words, the following measures are absolutely necessary for the rescue of this planet and with it also of the humanity! It is existentially much more worse around this planet in its entirety than can be captured and proved by the science so far. In fact, the existence of the whole planet is endangered! The climate change is much more advanced than previously assumed, it is already in a self-reinforcing process and it is progressing in a galloping process and is not a linear development, as is believed until now. Because of this, it can no longer be stopped, but will lead to devastating devastations. The environmental degradations has also reached an existential magnitude. The rainforests, systems which are necessary for the survival of this planet, have meanwhile been decimated so much worldwide that they are now in the state in which they destroy themselves as the result of the interactions which resulting from the decimations. The extinction of species is also taking on an existence-threatening development, because the extinction of species is much more threatening for the humans than the climate change. With the industrial, chemical agriculture, our soils were permanently destroyed, so it will take a long time before these soils function again according to the natural principles. The whole planet is completely poisoned and contaminated with microplastics, so that it is now found in all food chains, which will lead to harmful mutations, new diseases as well as to species extinction. Through the excessive use of chemistry a large number of multi-resistant germs and bacteria could develop, which can now also be found in all food chains, which will also lead to new diseases and to epidemics. In the meantime, the people have moved so far away from the nature and the universal functionings that they have even moved away from being human itself and its functionings. With cybernetic implants, they want to improve and optimize themselves and thus to overcome the being human. With robotics and artificial intelligence, they try to solve the existential problems instead to develop further themselves. Of course, this will not work, but will only lead to the fact that in principle it will continue as before. And our world system, our whole community are still only geared towards (unproductive) money gain, which only result in negative developments. This focusing on the multiplication of money and profits is even so extreme that even the current climate protection measures are aimed and designed in such a way that they can generate a maximum money gain. To believe that the climate change can be mastered in this way is an existential fallacy. And because everything is related to everything, is connected and interacts with one another, due to the interactions resulting from the described here, quite a few people will be taken from this planet by environmental and natural catastrophes and disasters, epidemics as well as by wars or, to put it correctly, will be sent into their astral phases. Not because 7 billion people are too much for this planet, but because this planet has to regenerate itself for now! Because the Masters have the ability to work at the atomic level, it would be possible for Them, for example, to end the climate change with a snap. But They won't do that because, as I said, the people have to recognize for themselves. They have to learn from their mistakes and should or have to develop further themselves from the resulting knowledge. But because of the existential overall condition of the earth it can no longer be waited for - (There is simply no more time!) - whether and when the humanity will develop further in the necessary manner, have been taken the following measures: 1. The existing overall and world system will be completely destroyed! For this task Uranus has been commissioned, the largest and heaviest solid-state planet in our solar system. Uranus is the planet of renewal. Its cosmic task in this solar system is to destroy the existing so that something new can be built. If Uranus becomes active and intervenes, everything will be completely destroyed, the existing systemic order and all systemic structures, and if the elites of the existing order do not change accordingly, they too will be swept away downright. So Uranus creates the necessity that something new has to be designed and built up! This destruction process can be seen more and more since the year 2020! The last time Uranus actively intervened was in the 18th century. The result was the „French Revolution“, which in turn led to the end of the rulership, governance and masterhood of the aristocracy with the associated feudal and estates system and to the successive democratization in Europe. 2. Since 1990, due to the existential condition of our planet, a new root race, in total the 6th, is introduced accelerated! A new root race always has greater abilities and a higher level of development than the previous one. A new root race is always introduced when the existing (or previous) root race can no longer manage and master the existing due to its nature and the resulting skills. And when a new root race is completely introduced, after that all people on earth belong to this then new root race. Not all of those was born since 1990 already belong to this new root race, but more and more since 1990. Some of this new root race were already born in the 4 decades before, but only very occasional. Usually, such an introduction takes several centuries due to the reincarnation cycles and the overall karmic contexts. And there is the necessity the current new root race to have to introduce accelerated is due to the existential overall condition of the earth and represents an unique novelty, a must. This new root race is equipped with a much higher intelligence. While the still existing root race has an intelligence quotient of 100 - 110 on average, the now new root race is only just beginning with 130 - 140. Furthermore, this new root race has a further developed mental body, which means that they can bring heart and mind / intellect together. The members of this new root race but are not superhumans. They too have to work on their karmic and life topics as normal as well as accomplish the general and individual developments with the associated necessary learning experiences, because a high intelligence alone does not make a developed human. However, due to their higher intelligence, they have significantly greater intellectual penetrating power and abilities and, of course, therefore also significantly greater cognitive faculties and, as a result, completely different development potentials. And through the further developed mental body, it is possible for them, so to speak, in a very natural way, e.g. to be able to understand the nature and the necessity of harmony with it in their whole inner and to be able to integrate the needs of and the necessity of harmony with the nature in their thinking and acting as well as to be able to develop a completely different social behavior in general. Something that the current, still existing root race simply not succeeds due to its deficits and the resulting lower abilities. This new root race is now confronted with having to build something new with its much greater abilities, which is then actually better, more holistic and more sustainable. The old root race is no longer believed to be able to do that, which is why the new root race is now being introduced (accelerated). The new root race will be very supported in this renewal. Many solar initiates are ordered to reincarnate to help with advice and deeds, because their knowledge of the universal functioning of the things and contexts as well as their skills resulting from the solar initiations are absolutely necessary for the upcoming complete renewal. The introduction of a new root race is an enormously complex work, with which the entire Master level of the Solar Hierarchy is currently busy in a full-time job. For this reason, the solar initiates who are currently in an earthly adult life have been entrusted with additional tasks that go beyond their other tasks, which is why they are in an earthly life on this planet. Also, some solar initiates were promoted, so to speak, ad hoc, which means that they now suddenly have universal responsibilities that they do not even have to bear from their actual level of spiritual development and actually not even able to, which in turn means that they now should and must to accomplish specific spiritual development steps, so to speak, in the high speed. And because the humanity in its entirety has built up a very negative karma, with the current introduction of the new root race there is the necessity having to incorporate and integrate advanced souls from other planetary systems into the overall structure here. This requires complex negotiations, on the one hand because this relocation has to be carried out voluntarily and freely by the corresponding souls, and on the other hand because in this process the overall karmic contexts on the planets there have to be taken into account. One of these "extraterrestrials" lives in Switzerland and was, as of 2020, 19 or 20 years old. She works in the imparting of the universal principle and the universal functioning of the love and in the imparting of the ability to bring together heart and mind / intellect. 3. The reincarnation prohibition! With the current introduction of the new root race, only those souls who have principally already a certain level of development are upgraded. And because that the earth has to regenerate for now, for now there is neither the time nor the opportunities to provide or allow appropriate contexts for souls with a difficult and negative karma in which they can recognize and work on their difficult karma. Therefore, there is currently a reincarnation prohibition for these souls! And those of these souls who have to reincarnate from their reincarnation cycle, usually one should and must reincarnate again after 300 years at the latest due to the limited soul energy, are artificially supplied with the corresponding soul energy so that they do not have to dissolve or have to become to demons. 4. The planetary pressures and veins! As mentioned at the beginning, quite a few people will also be sent into their astral phases by natural catastrophes and disasters. To these natural disasters will also include earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. As I have already described elsewhere, there is an entire working department in the Solar Hierarchy, the so-called "will-aspect", which is responsible for managing the pressures and veins of the earth. And this work consists of managing the pressures and veins of the earth in such a way that the people remain protected as much as possible. Examples of this work are that a wedge was pushed in front of the San Andreas ditch and that a hand is held over the Yellowstone Park, under which there is a super volcano. This protection work, which the humans protects, is currently severely restricted or discontinued. The effects will be clearly felt from the year 2025. 5. The spiritual or cosmic energies of Shambala! In the astral, there are two spiritual centers which are responsible for our planetary system. On the one hand this is the already mentioned Solar Hierarchy and on the other hand Shambala. Shambala consists of highly developed beings who no longer need earthly lives. In contrast to the Solar Hierarchy, Shambala does not send members to Earth for a direct work with the people. There was only once a represen- tative on Earth many thousands of years ago, Hercules, mentioned in the Greek mythology, but who really fled again completely annoyed, "I will never go there again!". Since then, was no longer a member of Shambala on Earth. Of course, Shambala and the Solar Hierarchy work together, nevertheless, Shambala is a bit sectionally. For example, if Shambala is convinced that changes on earth are necessary again, then they simply send undiscussed spiritual energies to earth. These energies are extremely raw and violent. And because the awareness of the people is even today for these energies just like modelling clay, the people are helplessly exposed to these energies. They just react to it without knowing why and how come and that at all. For this reason, the Solar Hierarchy has always filtered these energies, because otherwise the people are completely overwhelmed with these energies. Only really developed souls with the corresponding developed awareness can handle the rawness of these energies consciously. And after a long time, Shambala has been sending again for about 60 years. And this time, for the first time, these energies are no longer filtered by the Solar Hierarchy! This has the consequence, on the one hand, that in the people who are fundamentally more developed, but also in those who stand for an actual renewal from their whole inner, the awareness of spirituality, of universal contexts, of holism and of the need for renewal is activated, sensitized, strengthened and promoted in an above-normal way. On the other hand, it also massively and above-normal activates, strengthens and promotes the whole negative, which has promoted i.a. an Erdogan, a Viktor Orban, a Bolsonaro, a Narendra Modi (India), a Donald Trump and also organizations like the Taliban, Boko Haram and the Islamic State as well as i.a. such phenomena that appear suddenly out of nowhere, such as the so-called "Hate Speech" and the so-called “Cancel Culture” in the current extreme excesses, these extreme exclusions of other people, the increasing hate, violence and polarization, the hysteria and exaggerated fears which constantly arises because of nothingness as well as a persistence in dogmatic and ideological perspectives on all sides are activated, promoted and strengthened. So the people are encouraged or are actually forced to should to deal with the entire negative sides of the being human! 6. The requested tasks of the humanity! In summary, the mankind is now facing very chaotic times that will also bring a lot of suffering. As already mentioned, the Masters have the ability to work at the atomic level. It would therefore be easy for Them to stop the developments described at the beginning. As also already mentioned, They will not do this, not least because the humanity has brought this planet to the brink of its existence. And the mankind is now encouraged or is de facto forced to finally recognize and understand and to finally develop further and not to take the self- responsibility on other again, such as on artificial intelligence. Or in other words, because the people usually only learn through bad experiences, mistakes and defeats, the upcoming developments are absolutely necessary for the humanity as necessary learning experiences! However, because the humanity in its entirety does not yet have the inner developmental level of actually being able to strive for and build up something really new and better from a real self-determination, leaders are also needed. And in this context, persons who stepped forward as leaders and who have all the abilities and capabilities in their inner to be able to be real leaders and role models in the sense of wisdom and integrity will be separately and specifically promoted and supported by the Solar Hierarchy, and only those, others don’t! These informations here repeated as PDF file! >> A short introduction about the working departments or also “the aspects” of the Solar Hierarchy and about the solar initiations! Here as PDF file! >> A message from the Solar Hierarchy from the year 2006, transmitted by the now deceased B. Chales-de Beaulieu, spiritual and astral health practitioner, was in Germany also known as "The Wise of the North"! Here as PDF file! >> About the cosmic Age of Aquarius! - A short explanation! Here as PDF file! >>