Cancellation of illegitimate debts! In lending by the World Bank and the IMF, borrower countries are forced to introduce and implement predetermined so-called structural adjustment programs. These programs require full opening of their markets for the free world trade and are deliberately designed to do so, that they destroy the national, regional and local economic structures and thus the national value creation processes in the long term. Because they only serve the economic interests as well as the global market and power control of the ("western") multinational companies and their investors. The countries will be unilaterally deliberately deprived of their financial, economic, structural and natural resources through these programs. And to be able to implement these structural adjustment programs at all and be able to cushion the disastrous consequences for the social sector and the communities that are inevitably associated with them and resultung to be able to repay these loans, then these national states are forced to borrow more, bur which they would not have to absorb without these programs and, above all, would not need. These additional debts are also termed to as so-called illegitimate debts. Information on identification, auditing and cancellation of illegitimate debts can be found HERE! >> Ecuador is so far the only state that has identified its illegitimate debt through a public audit and then also canceled or democratically legitimized the repayment has refused. These illegitimate debts accounted for 80% of the total debt burden! The creditors could, of course, take legal action against this cancellation and would definitely have won. But they did not, because otherwise this entire debt practice would have been shown in an official forum to the general public and that was of course to avoid in any case. And since 2015/2016, due to the massive pressure of the population, in Puerto Rico an auditing and cancellation of the illegitimate debt is being worked on. This policy of debt trap is now practiced by China, and in addition in an imperialist and colonialist way. Two examples: The so-called "New Silk Road," China's major infrastructure-prestige project, is not being financed by China itself, but by the states through which the New Silk Road leads, in fact through short-term loans in billions, which are lended by China. It is superfluous to mention that China, of course, with enormous political pressure has actually forced the states concerned to agree to the construction of this Silk Road. And these loans are i.a. then linked to the conditions that in the case of non-back-pay, e.g. to transfer these infrastructures together with surrounding territory or even mineral resources into the possession of China. Often be right from the start, natural resources or large agricultural areas are contractually agreed as credit consideration. And of course, political allegiances are demanded here as well. In practice, this then sees e.g. like this: At the urging of the China, Sri Lanka has built a state-of-the-art overseas port on its east cost, a point of global strategic importance from the Chinese point of view, financed 100% with Chinese loans. It is also unnecessary to mention that here, of course, only Chinese companies benefited almost exclusively from the construction measures. However, since this port is located in a very weak economic region, this port can not generate the necessary profits in order to repay the loan installments in time. This is where the terms and conditions of the credit agreement come into effect: Sri Lanka had to lease the port and its surrounding territory to China for 99 years (keyword: Hong Kong / Great Britain), for which they were then repaid $ 1 billion, but still $ 4 billion debt left - a bomb business! - and then can only be repaid on the assumption of new debt in a timely manner. This credit policy has now led to countries adjacent to China, such as Mongolia or Vietnam, but meanwhile more and more African countries have to use up to more than a third of their total gross domestic product for debt repayment to China. This Chinese imperialism or colonialism can be described as follows: First, the (generous and selfless) offer to help other countries with necessary investments, then the money comes via short-term loans, then the army comes in these new territories with new bases, such as in East Africa, and then the Chinese people themselves with their then dominant culture. It turns out so, that China is now really practicing anything but as a selflessness or basically to strive for a win-win situation, as it is so often spread by the "useful idiots" as a narrative, but ultimately also only the enforcement of their own needs and interests and, above all, their own system operates. ( "Useful idiots" is an official usage of Chinese politics. This term was invented more than 5000 years ago and describes the people who enthusiastically represent China's interests abroad, and above all, because of their inner structuring, those with full intentions of misleading narrative full of naivety actually believe themselves and then spread. Because of this 5000 years of experience, the Chinese have a very fine sensorium to discover and recognize such naive characters. These are then promoted, used and instrumentalized in the corresponding sense, without it being these simpletons even becoming aware of this as such. But if these "useful idiots" are recognized as such, whichever happens sooner or later, they will immediately be dropped by China again.)
The fairy tale of the change of consciousness - The Climate Change (A still highly topical article from July 2015 with an addition to the World Climate Agreement (COP21) of December 2015 - by Martin Besecke.) In the meantime, there are increasing signs that the politicians are now, in fact and in earnest, seeking to reach out and conclude comprehensive climate-friendly goals and measures at the international level. Unfortunately, these are far from sufficient, and therefore the so-called climate change and its disastrous consequences continue to be a global fact and thus an existential threatening topic and problem. Interestingly, this political change and will is not due to awareness raising or pressure from the streets or from environmental and activist organizations, who unwittingly claim these developments as their sole success, but mainly from economic contexts. Because the underlying truth is that the banks and especially the insurance companies are slowly starting to invest decreasingly in carbon-rich energies and industries. Because the potential costs and losses caused by the consequential damage and the associated negative economic impact are becoming in the meantime too high for the financial elite. Moreover, is the in future only possible, difficult to access and technically very demanding development and production of the last resources, too risky and too expensive. At the same time, the profit margins, which in principle can only be achieved from fossil fuels, no longer comply with the expectations of the investors, so that new sources of money should be sought and developed. And because of these contexts and because just no change in consciousness has been completed, are the desired goals then just not enough, but still follow only pure economic interests and the ideas of the finance economy, which is exclusively interested only in the expansion of money and power! And the politics jumps on this moving train or bends out of self-interest and power conservation in this case even with pleasure these new interests of the money power, because it can sell these goals unjustifiably as an own great and positive idea and enforcement success and also does, in order for the people to be able to suggest or fool their own legitimacy and something like a capacity for action as well as to celebrate! And if the previously discussed climate protection goals can actually be decided on and adopted at the international political level, but then will have to pay for the necessary restructuring and the multi-billion investments, due to the actual power relations between politics and finance or because of the personal interaction of politics and finance, ultimately mainly the taxpayers and consumers! - A bomb mega business!!! In spite of these half-hearted goals, the societies and the people will with high probability be satisfied with these half-hearted ones and in principle continue as before. But this "well at least-better than nothing-attitude" is due to the existential nature of this topic not sufficient, wrong and especially in the existential sense extremely fatal, because such an attitude basically and always backfires. Because in 2014, the value of global average warming was 0,85 °C, and we can see all over the world the disastrous consequences of only this warming with the melting of glaciers and polar ice caps, the acidification of the oceans including the coral extinction, rising sea levels, the increasing extinction of animal and plant species, increasing extreme weather conditions such as with long-lasting periods of drought or heavy rain as well as permanent regional climatic and biotope changes. Even if this value could be kept at 0,85 °C, but would still be e.g. the polar ice caps continue to melt, with all the catastrophic consequences that come with it. (Addition: The global average warming in 2017 was already 1,2 °C!) How will the world look like when it is warmed by 2 °C, the desired goal of limiting global warming until the year 2100? Or even at only 1,5 °C? Incidentally, a goal to achieve that at all, in the meantime, in principle, is considered by all experts to be completely unrealistic. And just this 2 °C discussion has already led to a broad awareness that at this value, in principle, everything would still remain in the so-called worry-free area. - What an existential error! And even if the announced activities would then actually be implemented and that also as soon as possible and not first as e.g. in China from 2030 onwards, nevertheless, according to the current state of knowledge, this would still mean a global warming of at least 2,7 °C - 3 °C, some even speak of a warming to 5 °C - 6 °C. It does not take a lot of imagination what this value should have for global effects. In addition, there is another factor that is not really taken into account in the previous public debate: According to the current state of research, the so-called heat-trapping gases need around 30 years, until they have arrived in the atmospheric layers, in which unfolds their climate damaging effect. If that were ultimately to prove so, that would mean that most of the emissions that are harmful to the climate have not yet reached the atmosphere, that is, a peak is not reached yet. Or, to put it more clearly, that there will definitely be a much higher level of warming than the current level of 0,85 °C and that this can not be prevented, even if all emissions were stopped immediately. Also, to date, the science has not even included the methane emissions from the thawing permafrost soils. Likewise, the scientific evidence is increasing that climate change does not seem to be a linear development, but galloping progresses. And that means, that then with it all previous predictions and climate protectionplans and goals would be unrealistic. But in the light of the current overall systemic dovetailing of the energy issue on growth, trade, stock market, consumption, mobility, jobs, tax revenues, profit, financial (investment, banking, insurance), politics (democracy, community, social benefits) and geopolitical power relations, should be at the so-called "climate agreement", which is to be agreed in Paris in December 2015, extensive tricked and haggled, so that ultimately the result will not require a mandatory binding rapid and radical reconstruction. In summary, this means we are definitely heading for climate change whose global environmental, overall systemic and societal impacts will be catastrophic. Addition: Unfortunately, these statements seem to be completely approved, as the so-called UN World Climate Agreement of Paris 2015 (COP 21) clearly shows! Here the world climate agreement in the original wording as PDF file! >> ADDITION: For some years it can be seen in the subtle, in the subtle levels that the climate change can no longer be limited or stopped! In the subtle it can be seen that the climate change is far more advanced than can be recognized and captured by the science as yet, that it is already in a self-reinforcing process and that it is galloping progresses and does not represent a linear development, as the science still believes.
The Gaza war and the impending threat of world war „Everyone knows that Israel is violating international humanitarian law! Everyone knows that Israel is committing a genocide!“ (Craig Murray, retired British Ambassador and former Government Member) About the power and influence of the Jewish lobby, and especially of the Zionist movement, in the USA When the European Jewish population was forced to flee from Continental Europe due to the German National Socialism, their first destination was Great Britain. However, the then British Prime Minister Winston Churchill refused the entry to the fleeing Jews for the following reasons: Such a large group of non-native people would definitely organize themselves not only societally but also politically and gain and, above all, exercise a corresponding influence. And that would destabilize to destroy the social and political system in so a small country like Great Britain! The European Jews were then forced to flee to the USA as the only remaining option. And the following video shows how Churchill was right in this assumption: At the end of March 2024, the US House of Representatives passed a mega-finance bill in which, among other things, 3.8 billion Dollar in taxpayer money is made available for weapons systems for Israel due to the Gaza war. This law also includes, among other things, the cancellation of the funding for the UNRWA, the Palestinian relief agency, up to the sabotage of the United Nations as well as the consequences that everyone can expect from the USA who criticize the Israeli policy. The main reason for this support policy is Joe Biden and his Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who both are avowed Zionists. In addition, Joe Biden is the US-american politician whose campaign donations mostly come from the Jewish lobby. In the following video, the Swiss political scientist Pascal Lottaz describes and explains in detail the corresponding legal formulations, which in practice are completely one-sided in supporting only the interests of Israel and in particular the Israel's Zionist policies and defending them against all potential resistance. This means that the USA is not only complicit in the genocide against the Palestinians, but is also becoming the main accomplices and supporters. To the video! >> Also see this article by the renowned US journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner Chris Hedges about the lie that the Western civilization is based on “values” such as the respect for the human rights and the rule of law! • To the article! >> And here is an incredibly informative interview with Chris Hedges and his insider knowledge about the USA, the Iran, Israel, Gaza, the US media, Biden and Trump as well as about the overall societal and political consequences of the US (libertarian) system! • To the interview! >> Hereto another, also very enlightening, discussion about the thinking and acting of the US political class as well as about the power and influence of the so-called “Deep State” on the US political system! • To the discussion! >> Ex-UK Ambassador Craig Murray: “As a people, we have no leverage to stop the genocide against the Palestinians! There is nothing what we can do to stop the ever-growing gap between rich and poor! … There is a blatant disregard in the political class for the will of the people and the concept of the democracy itself! ... The Western system has collapsed!” • To the video message by Craig Murray! >> And here a very interesting and informative interview to this overall issue in two parts with the political and peace activist Kenneth O'Keefe. About Kenneth O'Keefe must be said that he has the universal task "Are you also willing to let also your life for the right one and the necessary?" fully under- stood and internalized and lives and practices it out from his whole inner. This makes him to the one of the most outstanding activist and leader of our time. • To the interview: Part 1! >>Part 2! >> Personal notes: The narrative of the Jewish people The Judaism is not a people, but only a religion! There is no historical and scientific proof that the Judaism is a people, but plenty of evidence that the Judaism is not a people, but just a religion. According to the information from the Jewish Museum in Berlin, the “concept of the people” first appeared in France after the French Revolution in the context of the then secularization. The French Jews invented the „concept of the people“ out of fear of a religious marginalization through the Catholicism. Today this "concept of the people" is only retained for purely power-political reasons. Because if the „concept of the people“ falls, then the Zionism as well as the claim for an one's own state also collapses in on itself. Because the ideology of the Zionism as well as the claim for an own Jewish state result directly from this “concept of the people”. Hereto my review of the book “The Invention of the Jewish People” by the Israeli historian Prof. Dr. Shlomo Sand! >> Israel will not recover from this Gaza war and genocide against the Palestinians. Israel, as a Jewish state, will disappear again this century. Because Israel is an artificial state that was never intended and predestined as such by the universal functionings. And all state formations that are not predestined by the universal functionings, by the combinations of cosmic rays, always disappear at some point. And the current Gaza war and genocide will accelerate this process, and due to the war and genocide, unfortunately, in a negative way! In the process, the Judaism has been on the right path for a long time! The vast majority of the Jews in the generation up to 35 years of age have already understood that the Judaism is just a religion and live and practice this understanding out from their whole inner: „There is no Jewish people. I am a German of Jewish faith!“, as a 28-year-old Jewish woman recently told to me. So, the “concept of the people” is already disappearing! And according to the information from an Israeli partner organization, up to 30% of the Jewish Israeli population reject the Israeli Zionist policies and designate them as “apartheid” and “fascism”. And this 30% also includes Jewish-Israeli intellectuals and academics. This 30% wants a peaceful coexistence with the Palestinians and the Arab world. And in this desire for a peaceful coexistence, a separate Jewish state is no longer a priority for this 30%. Likewise, the young US-american Jews strictly reject and deeply condemn the Zionism. Furthermore, more and more young Orthodox Jews are turning away from the Orthodoxy! This means that they are outcasted by their family, but what they do not care. In summary, the Judaism is already on the path to recovery, and that in a positive way! It is the Jewish power elites who cling to the “concept of the people” and the resulting Zionism at all costs and by all available means purely for ideological reasons and reasons of power maintaining! And that will mean that the absorption of Israel into a common Middle Eastern space according to the universal functionings will not happen peacefully! PS: Also on the issue of “Gaza War”, Germany is becoming a totalitarian state! Here is the report by the British-Palestinian surgeon Dr. Ghassan Abu Sitta, who was banned from entering Germany due to an invitation to a “Palestine Congress” as well as even from the virtually participating in this Palestine Congress: „We are watching how the first genocide of the 21st century unfold. That Germany is silencing witnesses to this genocide does not bode well for the century is ahead!“ Burying evidence, to silence witnesses! • To the video! >>To the article by the British news portal Middle East Eye (MEE)! >> What can be seen in the astral: The following statements refer exclusively to the real threat of world war! One thing can be said with certainty: the Ukraine war will not result in a major war or even in a world war, and that is entirely due to Russia! Russia is not giving a thought to expanding or escalating this war. Things are different with the Gaza war and especially with the war against China, which is being prepared and pushed forward by the West or by the USA! All of this in detail in a moment in this PDF file! >>