On this page, the actual spiritual or universal truths, causes and functionings that are behind the currently discussed topics should be shown! • • • •
Transgender or the so-called third gender! There is currently a lot of discussions about transgender people as the so-called third gender, about the recognition of a real existing third gender and as a result, about a specific gender-inclusive spelling (asterisk spelling) or e.g. also for their own toilets only for the third gender. Transgender means men who feel as and pretend to be women or vice versa. The truth is: There is no third gender! Because these are women, or their souls, who have reincarnated themselves in the male body, or vice versa, but which occurs much less often, about men who have reincarnated themselves in the female body! Hereto it has to be explained that if a soul incarnates for the first time and then incarnates itself into a female body, or even into a male body, then it basically reincarnates itself again and again into a female or a male body, that is an universal and karmic regularity. Now there is the phenomenon that, for example, the soul of a woman find themselves in a male body, or expressed correctly, has reincarnated into a male body - (or even vice versa, but which, as I said, occurs much less often). This phenomenon is not a whim of nature, not a fate and also not a negative karmic consequence and certainly not an intellectual construct, but results from a conscious decision. The corresponding soul has already consciously and expressly decided after its last “death” and again before its reincarnation to reincarnate into a male body, which as example here is to serve as a further example. The reasons for this decision are individual. For example, this decision can result from an extremely great anger. And this anger results from the previous life, in which the corresponding woman was impeded by the patriarchal contexts and relationships to be able to lead an independent and self-determined life and to find complete expression and to develop further according to her interests, abilities and knowledge. As mentioned, these backgrounds led to such anger in the woman that she literally swore: “I don't want to live such a life again! In the next life I will be a man too!” However, the reality shows that this decision was wrong and does not work: The woman wants to get out, the woman wants to show and express herself, the woman wants to live as a woman! Normally, this decision is not made a second time afterwards! PS: About the gender and wokeness movements: What is said here must not be confused or equated with the gender and wokeness nonsense! Because based on the actual universal natures and functionings, the contents of the gender and wokeness movements are absolute nonsense in the truest sense of the word, or in other words are its contents just a mental aberration, a mental aberration, like already so many mental aberrations in the history of the mankind, which means that also this, like all previous mental aberrations, will vanish again. However, also this mental aberration, like all previous mental aberrations, is extremely totalitarian, dangerous and violent, with the corresponding negative karmic consequences for those active and involved. Hereto two examples from the USA: 1. Statements by the gender and wokeness movement after the deadly assassination attempt by an alleged trans man on a Catholic school in Nashville, Tennessee, with 6 dead, including 3 children: "If you take our pronouns, then we kill your children!" End of the citation. 2. After a lecture by the US top swimmer Riley Gaines at the San Francisco State University, in which she advocated that only biolo- gical females should be allowed to participate in females sports competitions, because biological males give over females no chance of fair competition due to their physical superiority, she was verbally abused and physically attacked by gender activists. The contents of the gender and wokeness move- ments also have nothing to do with pluralism and diversity. From the universal point of view, diversity and pluralism means i.a. diversity in the thinking, seeing and acting, in the cultures, as well as freedom of speech and opinion. But in matters of diversity, the gender and wokeness movements are only concerned with external appearances, apart from that all people should speak, see, think and live the same thing. If they do not do that, they will be fought on an existential level. And that is called totalitarianism! The legally permitted assisted suicide or the so-called self-determined death! The background to the topic of the "assisted suicide" or "self-determined death" is that the affected people, mostly in old age, a long serious illness, a long suffering, a need for care, and a (bedridden) infirmity want to escape. In this way of thinking it should be about “dignity”, about a dignified retirement, a dignified dying, about self-determination, about the dignity of designing, living and also ending one's own life self-determined. And the tenor in the politics is now to legally allow and legitimize this “assisted suicide” under specific conditions. This political decision shows how little knowledge about universal functionings and mechanisms of action there is in the politics - (i.a. because it does not want to be accepted either)! Because 1. every illness represents a specific topic as cause, which should be worked on by the affected people in this life, but has not yet been worked on. And the more severe the clinical picture, the more urgent the underlying cause, the greater the failure to fathom and work on this topic or to want to recognize it first off at all. And 2. means an active assisted suicide or the self-determined death nothing else than suicide, and as such it is also judged and treated in the astral. Thereto should be briefly explained here, what the suicide actually means and what for serious karmic consequences it has: The suicide is the attempt to escape from the own life difficulties by destruction of the own ephemeral, physical shell. This burning expectation causes that the detachment of the soul from the body to take much longer in a suicide, usually many many hours, than in someone who dies a natural death, because the invisible shells of the human, e.g. the etheric as well as the causal body, through these vivid thoughts and strong ideas of salvation are very firmly connected to the physical body. For example, in contrast to the natural death the etheric body must be really separated piece by piece from the astral body, which is an extremely painful process. This pain can be compared to the pain when separate limbs would be ripped out very slowly and at that muscles and nerves would be pulled out separately with full consciousness. Particularly excruciating for the suicides is if an autopsy is made shortly after their act. Because very often they has not yet completely detached themself from their physical body and then has to experience this act with full waking consciousness. And because the suicide is an act of murder, the souls of the suicides awaken in the lowest sphere of the astral world, which is commonly known as "the hell" or " the purgatory". - ("The hell" consists of a total of three astral spheres, which are located deep in the bowels of the earth, and, as I said, the souls of the suicides awaken in the lowest of these three spheres.) This sphere appears to them as deep black. And in this them ambient darkness, the only thing that appears to them is their own world of thoughts as colored images that resemble living people - the world of thoughts of difficulties, suffering, disappointment and hell, the attempt to escape from this supposed hell and the alleged salvation. And because suicides cannot distinguish whether they are real beings or just illusions, they are immediately gripped by a deep fear because they actually thought that with their death they had escaped all obstacles, difficulties, sufferings and tribulations. Instead, they now have to find out that these are now even increasing permanently. This fact leads to it that they keep themselves trapped in their world of thoughts of eternal lamentation and groaning and the resulting, self-produced extremely painful pictures. They experience every day the same mentally self-produced suffering, the same disappointments, the same supposed misfortune, the same difficulties, which in turn leads to it that they even are constantly trying to escape from this mentally self-produced hell, and that by commit suicide again, and that every day anew. As already described, this escape, of course, does not work, which is why this process continues again and again every day, until they slowly realize and understand that this path is the wrong one and the universal principles, laws and modes of functioning contradicts. And this cognitive process can take many decades to centuries. Furthermore, the suicide has serious negative karmic consequences! Because an escape from the own life-issues, topics and difficulties basically never works, of course also not by a suicide! The corresponding topics to be worked on are not resolved by this and also do not simply disappear by this. Basically, one always brings back the topics that have not been dealt with in one's next earthly life. Basically, one will always be faced again with the own unprocessed topics in the next earthly life, and because of the suicide then even under extremely difficult conditions. One then reincarnate into a context that activates and promotes the corresponding topics in a very negative way as well as that makes very difficult to recognize these topics first off at all. And this in turn can result in new difficult life paths in which additional negative karmic consequences can be produced again. The right to abortion! Also on the topic “right to abortion” is about self-determination, about the right to self-determination over one's own body, about the self-determination of the woman. A pregnancy, even an unwanted one, does not just happen, so to speak, by mistake, and is also not an accident, but because it should be, because someone wants to come, and the emphasis here is on "wants to come". A lot of women know that too: Many women became pregnant despite double and triple contraception, while other women remained childless despite all efforts. Because with the impregnation, i.e. with the beginning of the pregnancy, a soul reincarnates. Generally expressed, this can be described as follows: A soul reincarnates itself over a specific woman or in the context that comes with this woman or with this mother and father, because the experiences that be due in this context are absolutely necessary for the development of the karmic and life topics brought along. At the same time, having and raising children means for the parents, and that means for the woman and of course also for the man, that for them now all the issues and tasks which connected with having and raising children are due as learning experiences and tasks, because these are also very basically necessary for the personal further development as well as in general for the further development of the human. Due to these universal relationships and functionings has a gross misconduct in accepting and accomplishing with this universal task usually negative karmic consequences. And in this context, an abortion actually means a murder on the reincarnating soul. Of course, this not only has negative karmic consequences for the mother and the father, but can also lead to serious negative karmic entanglements that can extend over several centuries. Because this “murder” can lead to a very great anger in the reincarnating soul, because the abortion prevents the reincarnating soul from working on their karmic and life topics and thus being able to develop further what a great anger can trigger, which they then takes with it into their next life and can lead to vengeance actions, which in turn produces new negative karmic consequences and can lead to renewed negative karmic entanglements. Of one of these negative karmic entanglements I would like to report: This true story happened in New York in the late 1990s. A single woman, in her mid-30s, lived in an apartment in what was actually a peaceful and well-off ward. Her neighbors were young people who also enjoyed partying, but the frequency and volume were all within a tolerable range. One evening there was a party again and for some reason the woman thought, for the first time ever, to have to look through her door viewer to see who was actually coming. Three young people stood in front of the neighboring door and she immediately noticed a young man from about the early to mid-20s. She found him somehow threatening, which is why she completely bolted her apartment door. Later that evening, she was already in bed and watching television, pounding it on her apartment door. She looked through her door viewer and in front of the door stand just this young man and pounding her door with his fists like obsessed. He just didn't stop pounding, so that despite all misgivings then yet she opened her door. In summary, he attacked and raped her, so violently that she had to spend more than 6 months in hospital only due to the physical injuries. A medium that dealt with this case then found that the perpetrator was a child she had aborted in a previous life and has now, many centuries later, taken revenge on her for it. This anger was even so great to him that he actually observed when she reincarnate again, to then to reincarnate in the same phase of life in order to then be able to take revenge on her. Now, however, there is the fact that our existing overall system produces contexts in which an abortion is the only way out, because that is the only way to survive. That is why it does not testify a modern thinking to advocate the right to abortion, but a modern thinking would be distinguish to advocate a new overall system in which the need for abortion can no longer become a reality. Highly gifted people or the so-called “Prodigies” and the inhuman ideology of the Transhumanism! If children show special talents, aptitudes, abilities or a special knowledge and skill at an early age, we like to speak of prodigies or highly gifted people. The reason for this is generally believed to be that these children are lucky enough, so to speak, to have been given a special gift or have a specific genetic disposition, but cannot say here where this genetic disposition originates or could originate and why and how. All of these ideas and imaginings are wrong! Neither were these children in any way gifted by a “higher power”, nor do they have a special genetic disposition or have been kissed in any other way by any “muse”. Because a mastery and shining knowledge and ability, genius, does not just fall from the sky, but this knowledge and ability was already brought along, was then activated very early and has accordingly already shown itself in childhood. And “brought along” means that this knowledge and ability has already been acquired in previous lives and stored in the causal body and which is then retrievable. The human being consists not only of his physical body, his bodily shell, but also of other invisible shells and bodies, the soul is generally known here. In addition, the human being but also still consists of the so-called ether, astral, mental and even the causal body. And in the causal body the entire knowledge as well as all abilities that one has acquired in one's earthly lives is stored and is then through it never lost again. This “knowledge” includes i.a. all interpersonal knowledge as well as specialist knowledge and also spiritual knowledge, that is, the knowledge of the actual universal nature and functioning of the things and contexts. And the “abilities” include i.a. craftsmanship or workmanship or artistic or scientific skills. All of this is never lost again because the causal body is and remains very closely connected to the soul. This means that when a person dies and his soul goes back into its astral phase, the causal body goes with it and is brought back with the reincarnation of the soul in the next earthly life. That is why one benefit from the knowledge and skills one have brought with one in one's own current earthly life and can then develop this further. This also explains why e.g. there are particularly good artists of outstanding quality, artistic geniuses, and who develop further the art and their discipline qualitatively, while others are only just beginning the path of the artist. Or why there are outstanding scientists who already have the knowledge and skills in their discipline to be able to make an advance to the actual universal functionings, such as Albert Einstein or Johannes Heinrichs, while other scientists are still at the beginning and have yet to develop and acquire this knowledge and skills and therefore often only indulge in historizing and philologizing and in name-dropping or can only describe the existing in their scientific work. Also a great political ability as well as the overall systemic understanding, that I often quote, and the resulting ability of the further development and design of social systems result from a knowledge and ability that one has acquired in previous lives and then brought with them. For example, Viktor Orban has such a great political ability, but that he only uses purely negatively and egotistically as well as consciously and deli- berately against the people, with which he builds up themselves an extremely negative karma that he has to work off in his next earthly life. Whereas e.g. Barack Obama had absolutely no political knowledge and skills and was never able to develop the necessary view and understanding of the social whole and an overall systemic understanding. Because of this, he was never a political leader and will also not develop into one either. And he too has built up a very negative karma with his i.a. drone and Syria or anti-Islamic State policies and the sacrifice of the Kurds, his system change policy in Libya, his course of action against whistleblowers as well as with his great public commitment to the privatization of drinking water. The same thing must be said about Joe Biden, who advocates the transhumanistic, undemocratic and purely economically oriented system concept of the so-called “Great Reset”, which shows that he too does not even have the slightest bit of knowledge, awareness and understanding of the social whole and of the overall system, and thus is just as incapable and completely unsuitable for political leadership like Obama. Furthermore, his enthusiasm for this system concept reveals that he either lacks the necessary intellectual abilities and intelligence for the US-presidential office - Which is no infrequence in the USA, as Donald Trump, Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan have shown, to name just a few recent examples. - and besides falls for the concept developer’s advertising or populism, or that he is in truth an anti-democrat? And he too has already built up a negative karma i.a. in context with his role in the internal party election fraud in favor of Hillary Clinton and the extremely dirty preventing of the young, progressive Democrats, who wanted to clear up this scandal and renew the party, as well as his, as a “falcon”, seedy amalgamation and relationship with the US defense industry or with the corrupt “Military-industrial Complex (MIC)”, which suggests that he will take the interests of the military industry into account in his policies, as his role in the "Ukraine War" shows. Due to these universal nature and functional principles, the project of the so-called “designer babies” that resulting from a megalomania, will also fail, because knowledge and ability just do not result from a specific genetic disposition! The eye and hair color as well as the body size indeed can be genetically modified by surgery, but a top athlete, first-rate artist, top manager, great scientist or a wise and upright political leader cannot be created artificially through genetics. Also the project of “immortality” that resulting from a mega egocentricity and an oversized narcissism as well as the inhuman ideology of the Trans- humanism, where the knowledge, awareness, consciousness and character of the human should to be transferred into a cybernetic data memory with a robot body, will fail due to this universal nature of the human, because simply no technical interfaces can be connected to the soul and the causal body, because the knowledge and awareness as well as the personality and character of the human being are there and not in the brain. The Age of Aquarius […] These assumptions are fundamentally wrong! Because a new cosmic age always needs a longer time from begin of the arising up to the complete establishment. […] Basically one has to know that the previous, still existing age never retreats without a fight! […] About the cosmic Age of Aquarius! - A short explanation! Here as PDF file! >> The end of Russia as a major power and its future! - As well as about the immediate future of the Ukraine! February 2022: As already explained HERE >> , the so-called "cosmic rays" hit the earth or specific territories or regions of the earth in different com- binations, from which the nations, today's nation states, originated. And these combinations of rays, which affect the people, in turn result in different development tasks for the individual nations, which in turn are necessary in order to achieve the universal goal of the world community in which all people live together freely and with equal rights and with a world government led by politicians of wisdom and integrity. And these tasks must be understood as destiny, as a predetermined path from which the nations cannot escape. The combination of rays, for example, which affects on Germany, activates and promotes i.a. the sciences and the arts to a particularly strong degree (“The people of poets and thinkers.”) - However, these ray energies are currently temporarily inactive! - , but also the obedience to authority, the (preemptive) obedience and the society of subjects, the subservient spirit, the allegiance / subservience, being a subservient (The people of perfect subjects.), as was lastly overclearly shown in all its excesses in the so-called “corona pandemic”. The main task of Germany resulting from the combination of rays is to be the think tank of the world and e.g. to develop a new world order, which at the same time should mean a fundamental further development and advancement of the democracy itself. But Germany too, like all nations to date, as far as its task predetermined by the combination of rays is concerned, is still on a negative way, as was recently shown in the - fascist-like - fight against the academic freedom and the freedom of opinion, speech and thought, against the finding and establishment of the truth as well as against the self-determination of the individual during the corona pandemic. Worse still, Germany - and also Austria - showed during the corona pandemic that is still capable to a rupture of civilization again at any time. And then there is a specific combination of rays that actually makes the respective nations to world powers and whose task it is to be a world power. Of these world powers which resulting from this combination of rays, one could also say that they are destined as world powers, there are only two, namely China and the USA. That is why the USA will not perish as a world power or be replaced by China, but at most it will perhaps be weakened a little, but then only temporarily. This task of being a world power consist in to bring the right one and necessary for the good of the whole into the world in a positive and responsible manner. But both world powers are still very far away from that. Both world powers are still acting on a purely negative, selfish and imperialistic way. - (Addendum, September 2022: Hereto an example: The USA are responsible for the destruction of the North Stream gas pipelines, this can be clearly seen in the subtle levels. This can be seen i.a. in the astral body of Joe Biden.) All other major and world powers, empires, which were never "destined" as such by the combination of rays affecting them, sooner or later, but at some point in any case always completely gone down and then never again, even with all attempts, re-emerged, such as the Roman Empire, the Mongolian Empire, the Ottoman Empire, Portugal, Spain, France, Great Britain and, most recently, the Soviet Union (Russia). Because of this - and this can already be clearly seen in the subtle levels - Putin will ultimately lose his Ukraine war! - (However, it is not to see how long this war will last and what for courses it will take.) - That will also mean the end of Putin and after that Russia will never again strive for and pursue major power ambitions or claims. Because due to the combination of rays affecting Russia, Russia was and is not a major or world power, not even a regional power, if a regional power at all then only in a very limited framework, but the predetermined development and task of Russia is a completely different one, which already has been shown for a long time. The task resulting from the combination of rays or also the predestined path of Russia is to develop real spirituality, to practice it and to carry it into the world. As mentioned, this task already has been shown since time immemorial, e.g. in the fact that the Russian language is the most expressive in the world, or in the fact that one speaks of the Russian soul, which is said to be particularly profound and melancholic. About no other country in the world is said to have a "soul". But this can be seen even more concretely in several spiritual community projects that came into being in Russia of years ago, practically out of nothing, and in which a real or true spirituality is actually being developed and in some cases already being practiced. The people who founded these communities come from all parts of the world. They did not agreed beforehand, but all independently wanted to follow a genuine, serious and disciplined path of the spiritual development, and then all independently, in a natural way, made their way to Russia, met there (accidentally) and then founded these communities. Of course in Russia and not anywhere else in the world, but of course in Russia, because “Where else? What kind of question?” as I was answered uncomprehending to this question. These projects do not do any advertising, because otherwise they would be overrun by semi-esoteric tourists and then destroyed as a result. Who is really ready and wants to follow a genuine and disciplined path of the spiritual development in a community will find it all by themselve. In two of these projects, the 9 - 12 year old children already live alone, completely independently, in their own houses, which they built themselves and independently, and teach themselves. The semi-esoteric would now claim that the spiritual energies that are produced there would already develop the children to such an extent that they are so knowledgeable and independent at such a young age. This is, of course, wrong! Correct is that these projects have already developed so far from their spiritual level that very well developed souls consciously reincarnate into these communities in order to further develop and advance this universal overall project. And these children are these evolved souls. And no other spiritual project anywhere else in the world moves on a comparable level of spiritual development! However, Russia is still at the very beginning of this development, and until Russia as a whole can actually practice and fulfill this task specified and destined by the combination of rays, at least another 1000 years must be reckoned with. The immediate future of the Ukraine: Unfortunately, the immediate future of the Ukraine looks very bleak! Because for the reconstruction of the Ukraine, the Ukrainian government (Volo- dymyr Zelenskyj) has, under pressure from the states supporting the Ukraine, commissioned Blackrock, the richest, largest, most powerful and best- connected asset manager and investor of the world in terms of money deposits, to organize, to design and, above all, to finance the reconstruction with its financial resources. However, since the main order of asset managers is to achieve the greatest possible return, the greatest possible profit for their investors, the immediate future of the Ukraine will be as follows: Due to the huge amount of money needed for the reconstruction coupled with the order of the maximum profit, the Ukraine will be completely privatized, i.e. all economic enterprises, the agriculture, infrastructures, public services as well as the services of general interest, so the entire community. All of this will go majoritarian til entirely in the estate of Western multinational enterprises. And this of course under the conditions of the so-called "Public Private Partnership", which in practice means that the profits are privatized and the losses are socialized, so are paid by the taxpayer. And since today the greatest possible profit can only be achieved with digitization, with BIG DATA, the Ukraine will be completely digitized, i.e. all areas of life, i.e. all areas of the individual person, of the society and of the community. And that will also include the monitoring and control instrument Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). And in practice, for the Ukrainian society and the Ukrainian system, that means nothing else than the total digital surveillance and control of every individual person and the abolition of all freedom and autonomy as well as the abolition of the democracy, because in such a fully digitalized system under control and in the estate of the private sector, every model of democracy is in practice only a facade democracy. In summary, such a system means in practice an economically liberal feudal system as well as the total digital dictatorship as a real dystopia. And that means in practice that people, Ukrainians, who are poor will have no opportunities to ever work their way out of the poverty. And of course, the purpose of Blackrock's commissioning is to strengthen the West, i.e. of course primarily the USA, economically and imperialistically in the fight against China as well as to remain itself as the only hegemonic power in the world. Addendum, February 2023: In connection with the paths and tasks of the nations predetermined by the affective combination of rays, it is very interesting to observe the role that Brazil is now striving for. Brazil now wants, and the trigger is the Ukraine war, not only in the Ukraine war, but in general, to assume and fulfill the role and task of the mediator in the world. This is hence very interesting because the task prescribed by the combination of rays affecting Brazil, the pre- destined and predetermined path of Brazil, is in fact the universal task of acting as the mediator in the world. This would make Brazil to the first nation in the world that fulfill its task resulting from the combination of rays in a positive manner! However, Brazil is of course still at the very beginning on this path! Because it is not clearly recognizable why and for what motives Brazil now wants to take this path. In the astral body of the Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva there is no indication that he wants to go this path out of a real knowledge, a real insight and, as a result, a real awareness. Rather, it looks like he just seems to be reacting to something. Nevertheless, one must observe this development very closely and, above all, support it! Update May 2024: The front line is deadlocked. Russia to succeed small gain in territories in the Eastern Ukraine, but is unable to fully control these areas and thus hold them for good. And the Ukraine is unable to recapture lost territory. Russia has completely resigned its original goal of completely conquering the Ukraine, effecting a regime change and making the Ukraine to a Russian satellite state and thus effectively to including it into a Great-Russia because Russia lacks the resources, the skilled workers and the financial possibilities to be able to rebuild and administrate the completely destroyed regions. For these reasons, Russia even wants to backtrack completely from the Ukraine and is only aiming for a neutral and demilitarized buffer zone as a border to the NATO territory. Of course, Russia wants to completely shuffle out of its responsibility for the reconstruction. This current situation has caused several hundred thousand of deaths, life-changing seriously injured and severely traumatized people not only to the Ukraine, but also to Russia, especially young people, who thus have been deprived of the opportunity to be able to develop further in this earthly life. Therewith, Russia has completely failed in terms of its original goals!