Privacy statement for the Website https://www.martinbesecke.de according to the EU-GDPR 1. Owner, Operator & Contact Person Martin Besecke Im Kasental 27 D - 66119 Saarbrücken, Germany Call: 0049 681 39 61 71 72 Email: info@martinbesecke.de 2. Information about the use of cookies This website does not use cookies! 3. Anonymous use of this website You can always visit my website without a specification of personal information. 4. Data security and data protection, communication by email Personal data by contact details, such as the email address and any signature with address and phone number of people who contact me are treated by me absolutely confidential and not shared with third parties! These contact details are only for personal contact with the persons who contact me and will not be used by me for further purposes! Upon request, I will delete the corresponding contact details immediately! Contacting me is purely by choice. My email traffic is via the SSL encryption method. I do not send group mails and therefore do not use address distributors. 5. Special features of the website You can not register on this website. I do not offer a newsletter, not even as a subscription. My website does not have a contact form to enter personal information. I do not run a blog or forum on this website and therefore do not have a comment function. Likewise, you can not apply to me or through this website, not even by email. Thus, my website does not collect and store any personal data that requires a data protection treatment according to the EU-GDPR! 6. Data elicitation through the website My website does not require and collects any data that would be necessary for the website to be fundamentally functional or for the functionality of certain technical functions (such as a payment function or interactive contents) or to improve the website. 7. External servers / elicitation and processing of data inside the EU Server-Logfiles: The provider One.com (Dubai Internet City, Building 9 - P.O. Box 500401, Dubai - United Arab Emirates), where my website is hosted, collects via the server log files also personal data of the visitors of my website! This server log data includes the IP address of the users, the time of the visit, as well as the time spent on my website, the pages visited, the browser used, the technical device used (desktop or mobile) and the country of origin of the visitor, and will be deleted within 8 weeks. This data is used for specific purposes only and are for the sole purpose of providing, accessing and transmitting the web contents (traffic) of my website, as well as for the maintaining and improving the services provided by One.com. These data are for me Martin Besecke, the operator of this website, completely anonymous. The IP addresses are not visible for me Martin Besecke. Thus, conclusions about the identity of the individual visitors for me are not possible and excluded! One.com will treat this information as strictly confidential and will not pass on it to any other company for further processing or use. Emails: Incoming and outgoing emails are stored on One.com's servers. The responsible handling of them is the responsibility of the data controller, me Martin Besecke, and is subject to the guidelines of the EU-GDPR. You can prevent the elicitation and storage of this data by One.com by using the Tor Browser! 8. External contents / elicitation and processing of data inside and outside the EU My website uses Google APIs from Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA, hereafter: Google). This is a Google-provided application interface that is necessary for the functionality and presentation in the various browsers of Google services (such as Google Maps and YouTube). I have not integrated any Google services into my website, which is why no personal data is transmitted to Google when using my website. Google fonts: I use on my website Google fonts. These fonts are loaded from an external server of my website design program and not from fonts.googleapis. As a result, no personal data is transmitted to Google when using my website. The provider of my website design program also does not collect any personal data. Social Media: My website does not include social networks or services (such as Google Maps, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook). So my website also does not invite to use certain social networks or services. Also, I do not use search engine optimization for my website. 9. Statistical evaluation of visits to this website I do not use any analytics tools or programs for this website to capture, monitor, record, save, analyze and evaluate the traffic flows and movements on this website, the IP addresses, location data, referrals and search terms as well as external links and links or other data of the visitors. 10. Tracking activities on the Internet My website does not use its own tracking programs or features (scripts or fingerprinters) that capture and evaluate the activities and usage behavior of the visitors of my website on the Internet. Also, I have not commisssioned any companies or services, which track and analyze the activities and usage behavior of the visitors of my website on the Internet via Tracker. 11. External services and providers I have not commissioned any services to advertise on the Internet or to distribute via the Internet about myself and my website. There are no other external providers who want or need to be integrated into this privacy statement when using my website. 12. Privacy officer My website does not need a privacy officer! 13. Right of complaint Although I do not need a privacy officer for my website, for my website in the event of a complaint, the State Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information Saarland (Germany) is responsible. Unabhängiges Datenschutzzentrum Saarland Postfach 10 26 31 D - 66026 Saarbrücken, Germany or: Fritz-Dobisch-Straße 12 D - 66111 Saarbrücken, Germany Call: 0049 681 947 810 FAX: 0049 681 947 81 29 Email: poststelle(at)datenschutz.saarland(dot)de Web: https://datenschutz.saarland.de