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At first, an answer to many inquiries, why I impart specifically the “Theosophy”? All my life I have a spiritual knowledge and spiritual abilities, have access to the subtle levels as well as to the astral and have to do with many different phenomena. Accordingly, I have numerous experiences with which I was able to verify whether I actually something know and can or just imagine and presume it. In addition, all my life I have been going a very specific way of life all by myself, from my whole inner, in a natural way, on which I work on very specific spiritual topics and tasks. And in the theosophical literature I found all of this, all my knowledge and skills, my life path with the corresponding topics and tasks as well as what I can see one-to-one for the first time. It is not only through this that I know that the contents of the Theosophy or the transmissions which are imparted through the Theosophy are actually genuine and correspond to the truth. And all of the spiritual statements and informations that I make on this website and in my work come from my own knowledge and skills. • • • • I was born in 1967 in Bremen, Germany and have studied Cultural Sciences. Since my studies, I have worked as Culture Manager in several functions, as project manager and producer, in fundraising as well as in public relations. Furthermore, I worked creatively in lighting design and event technology in the areas of theater and events. The things think to the end! Since my twenties, I have been politically active in recognizing that the existing overall system needs a fundamental because necessary renewal, because in its logical and thus predictable development, it can only produce negative consequences. Since then, in addition to the knowledge and expertise I have already acquired and brought with me in previous lives, which is stored and retrievable in my causal body, I have acquired an additional comprehensive and interdisciplinary knowledge on these topics and issues and collected many practical experiences. Since 2008/2010, following my inner life and tasks, I work full-time in these political thematic contexts. Initially majority in the project management, and today in the analysis, development of contents and advice as well as in the training and qualification. My expertise consists in the intellectual comprehension and penetration of overall systems in their entirety and complexity. I analyze social, politcal and economic systems and their systemic structures, i.a. in their complex functionings and normative mechanisms of action and also political, economis and legistlative projects, i.a. in their systemic, structural and socializing effects. In 2009/2010, I co-founded and helped to establish an agricultural regional economic cycle (circular economy) that still exists today. And in this contaxt, in 2015, I prepared an analysis and forecast by using the NAFTA, the free trade agreement between Canada, Mexico and the USA, which is a blueprint for the TTIP, which implications and consequences can have the TTIP on regional economic cycles. Since 2011, I have been working in the political advice and advising political organizations, initiatives and projects on systemic, content and organi- zational questions. For the differentiated penetration and constructive solution of complex political topics and questions, I practice the methodology of integral, that is, of comprehensive, holistic thinking and seeing, in addition to the logical, differentiated, multi-dimensional and constructive thinking and the overall systemic understanding, also the spiritual or universal functionings and mechanisms of action find application. Furthermore, I have been writing articles and reviews on systemic questions and topics since 2012 and now and then I give lectures on these issues. My work pursues the fundamental goal of the development and design of an integral social system that can be in harmony with the whole. And integral system development means in practice to create the institutional and structural prerequisites so that our lived and everyday thinking can actually construct and realize the social reality. That is, it is about a sustainable fundamental renewal of our societal and democratic communication conditions, derived from the deep inside, from the deep, universal sociality of the human, the ability of selfreference, self-reflection and self-determination. For this reason, my work follows the task and necessity to arrange the field of tension and the modes of functioning from the human self-reflection to the interpersonal communication and reflection up to the institutions, structures and rules of a full democratic system, a structural full communicative society into the practicability. My work follows the task to develop and to design these necessary conditions constructive for the good of the whole. To an then integral social system, in which then the spiritual or universal laws in the positive can be activated and reach. And on the basis of these basic conditions of integral work and of the overall systemic understanding, flow into my development of political contents, also the spiritual or universal laws and find then in the resulting concrete applicable integral policy their practical expression and their effect. My special interest and research area is the system change: Which reasons, causes and developments lead to a system change, which forces are activated or unleashed by a system change and how the transition period develops? And which prerequisites must be fulfilled so that a system change can be successfully designed and implemented? And my project work I practice in the consciousness and under the definitions of the social entrepreneurship. IMPORTANT AND FUNDAMENTAL! The (unfortunately) necessary explanation and distinction of the terms Integral and Integral Politics: I am often asked if I am working in my integral work with the teachings of Ken Wilber? No, I don’t do that! The terms Integral and Integral Politics are very often falsely linked and equated only with Ken Wilber and his teachings, who and especially his followers formally occupy these terms, and then only in a very superficial interpretation and improper use. However, as I have said, this connection and equation is wrong, because the term INTEGRAL is an universal term and in its correct application means holistic and all-embracing, and that means, also in accordance with the true spiritual laws. But Ken Wilber's remarks, do not live up to scientific or philosophical standards and even less spiritual and thus universal truths. His literature does not show that he actually already possesses a true inner spiritual knowledge, that he can still intellectually grasp and penetrate matter in its entirety and that he can to think constructively in political and philosophical terms. Exemplary of this are i.a. his "quadrant model", his idea of holons, that are integral systems, but that only capture just two systemically relevant dualisms and then want to unite them, but in the end they only entangled in an improper way and that thus is from the overall system and integral consideration impracticable, unfit and not sustainable. Or the practice application “Spiral Dynamics”, which can not be reconciled with the true spiritual developments laws, with the individual karmic and life themes, with the karmic functionings and laws, with the actual different individual spiritual development levels, such as on the path to discipleship, the discipleship itself or the solar initiations, and with the associated individual spiritual tasks and also with the individual knowledge stored in the causal body and the resulting individual work tasks and ways of thinking, seeing and acting and thus is wrong and which therefore can only be assigned to the semi- to pseudo-esoteric. And eminently fundamentally wrong is his understanding of the human soul, which he regards as a non-essential transitional phenomenon, because in fact it is exactly contrariwise, the soul is the central and necessary instance, without which a personal further development and the further develop- ment of the Universe is not possible. Neither does INTEGRAL POLITICS mean to posit or apply spiritual, or as in most cases only half-esoteric, as the sole panacea, as most political parties and associations with the addition of "spiritual" or "integral" in the name to enthusiastically propagate an one-sided mess of politics and spirituality. Such an one-sided approach, and this reduction to mainly (semi-)spiritual, is fundamentally wrong in the context of the actual definition and tasks of integral politics and, above all, not practicable in the overall systemic and therefore doomed to failure in practice. Because Integral Politics means in practice, the constructive and above all practicable synthesis of earthly, that is, of content, law, institutions, structures and sociality, that is, of (overall)systemic politics and spiritual or true spirituality, that is, of real inner spiritual knowledge of the actual universal functionings of the things and contexts, and not of lifeless theories, exclusively of edifying and idle tranquility, fruitless reflections, utopian ideas or ideal raptures, as unfortunately in most cases spirituality is wrongly understood and wants to be practiced. ONE MORE HINT! If one has decided to seek the help of a spiritual advisor, then is urgent and absolutely to discourage from those who can only enter or contact the subtle or even astral levels through a trance and / or through drugs! Because in a trance and / or drug penetration into the subtle levels, one completely separate oneself from the own soul! And that has the consequence that in the astral levels one can be attacked, abused and deceived by everything and everyone without one even recognizing and noticing it as such! One is no longer able to distinguish positive from negative! Likewise, can then false information be transmitted from the negative, which one then can not be recognized and distinguish as such because of being seperated from the own soul! For these reasons, such people are not suitable as spiritual advisors or media, because one can not be sure if their informations and statements are actually true or just wrong! My services! >>
Wherever the differantiated, constructive-questioning, the core of truth-oriented thinking is missing or not practiced, where the things are not thought to the end, ideology and power become established in a negative form! (MB)
The Theosophy and Spirituality belong together and condition to each other! (MB)
True spirituality, is not to believe in something and not from a theorising out only sayings, which ultimately remains without consequences, but an inner knowledge and understanding or from this knowledge resulting internalized and disciplined thinking, seeing and acting, which expresses and shows from the inner consequence in the lifestyle in all areas of life! (MB)
When feelings and emotions suppress or prevent the thinking, results inevitably and always negative developments! (MB)
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