The climate change is increasing inexorably and therefore a rapid and radical transformation of the energy production and supply is absolutely necessary. However, the issues of energy, energy generation and supply as well as the inseparably linked question of raw materials always has basically a systemically important significance. Therefore, based on the existing overall system and the current systemic interlocking of the energy question on growth, trade, stock market, consumption, mobility, jobs, tax revenues, profit, return, finance (investment, banking, insurance), politics (democracy, community, social security) and geopolitical power relations, the following developments can be predicted. According to this, an alternative generation of energy to the fossil raw materials can basically only consist of three pillars: 1. the renewable energies: wind and hydro power, solar power, biomass, energy efficiency (thermal insulation, recovery and use of waste products from production processes such as waste heat, etc.), 2. the renaissance and thus the expansion of the nuclear energy, 3. and a certain percentage of fossil resources: oil, gas and coal. The renewable energies could be due to regional weather conditions, the associated energy security problem, the exploitation of other necessary limited resources such as i.a. of rare earths for the production of i.a. digital technology, electric cars, carbon chassis, wind power and energy storage systems, and for biomass limited agriculturally usable area with the associated problems of monocultural land use, probably aggregate just up to one third of the energy mix worldwide. In addition, the mining and extraction of rare earths are extremely harmful to the environment. Also, is the production of the mentioned techniques very energy-intensive and expensive. Likewise, to date, neither a recycling nor a recovery process is exists for these technologies. In summary, this means that the climatic and ecological harmfulness of these new technologies is currently much more greater than that of the conventional techniques. And in this context we stumble, and again this time with an announcement, with the electromobility into the next ecological dead end. Because a lot of carbon is used in the electro- mobility, and carbon is plastic and consists of around 95% new crude oil. However, carbon cannot be recycled due to its molecular structure. And after more than ten years of research, until now the science has not found a substitute that comes close to the features of carbon. In the meantime, they has even formulated that there is probably no adequate substitute. And to keep CO2 emissions from fossil fuels as low as possible, would probably represent the nuclear power up to 50% the largest share of the global energy production concomitant with the of course still unsolved permanent repository problems. But in the end, the total share of fossil fuels worldwide might be still around 30%. Likewise, there is even the extremely high probability that geoengineering will be used for the then necessary climate regulation, such as e.g. the CO2 dumping under the earth's surface, self-propelled robots to extract CO2 from the atmosphere, algae fertilization of the oceans and chemicals that are to be spent into the atmosphere and how an artificial sunshade should work. Or a very absurd technique: the monoculture cultivation of specific plants, also called climatic plants, which can absorb and store CO2 from the air very quickly and efficiently and which then constant cut down and burned again and again. The emissions resulting from the combustion process should then be cleaned by using a CO2 separation method and this CO2 then be dumped under the earth's surface. This method would require at least 1.5 times the area of India's total state territory on arable land for it to have any lasting effect. This whole method is called "negative emission method". All technologies that do not even exist, but at those is being researched at high pressure, which, however, will be highly risky in the practical application and will create new complex global dependencies, subjugations and power shifts. (This forecast is based on existing treaties and agreements, official government policy objectives and programs as well as on the UN World Climate Agreement of Paris 2015 (COP 21).) In summary, this forecast would mean in fact a reduction in the so-called greenhouse gas emissions, but it would also lead to geopolitical power shifts and thus to new global players. But most of all, ultimately, the existing overall system with its systemic political, financial, economic, social, environmental and ecological negative developments would not change at all. And that means that this scenario cannot promise a sustainability! This raises the question as to whether it is sensible and reasonable to pursue these developments as an alternative? Against this, the so-called free space energy or even zero-point energy, as it is called in the physical terminology, represents a real and workable alternative! The free space energy is invisible and is located in the so-called subtle levels or physically expressed, in the space between the matter or the so-called dark matter, as it is called by the astrophysics. It is everywhere in unlimited form available, free of charge and absolutely clean, that is, it does not cause any emissions and is therefore 100% ecologically friendly, climate-neutral and sustainable. It can be gained with appropriately designed magnetic converters and converted into electrical energy. The energy yield is extremely efficient, because the overunity, as it is called physically, that is, the output of gained and usable energy compared to the input of the energy to be brought into operation to the magnetic converter is several thousand times and that in an everlasting state. No other form of energy can achieve and above all guarantee this energy efficiency! The free space energy is not a new discovery, but was as early as discovered and used in 1890 by Nikolas Tesla, thematized by the Nobel laureate in physics Werner Heisenberg in the 1940s and classified by the US space agency NASA as "potentially inexhaustible and extremely powerful energy" in 2005. One of the leading scientists in space energy research today is the German experimental physicist Prof. Dr. Claus W. Turtur from the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences in Niedersachsen, Germany, who has done pioneering work on the issues of conversion and utilization. Likewise, the NASA is supposed to research in secret the use of space energy for the realization of their space programs (colonization and exploitation of other planets), as told me a German Silicon Valley man. (In this context, one may also understand the statement of the then US President Barack Obama in December 2015, in which he has declared large regions of space to national-state US-American territory.) The Silicon Valley man also told that the NASA is not researching nuclear fusion as an energy source because 1. the "cold fusion" is technically unrealizable and 2. the nuclear fusion, for which a plasma is needed, is classified to be too unstable and too insecure and dangerous, as the sun itself already proves (keyword: sun protuberances). Furthermore, the MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, researching based on the Casimir effect on the space energy, but only in a very small scope. The free space energy has meanwhile also developed into a question of faith. While in the semi-esoteric scene the space energy is literally transfigured, some physics-affine people try to prove the space energy as charlatanry and as nonexistent. This is due to the fact that the hitherto officially accessible research results only show the Casimir effect. Simplified, the Casimir effect demonstrates an energy-overunity that can not be justified solely by the law of conservation of energy, but points to an additional energy source, namely the so-called free space energy. The only problem is that the Casimir effect can only generate an amount of energy that is far from sufficient to be used as a sufficient source of energy, as explained to me by an engine engineer and inventor, who has already dealt with the development of the necessary magnetic converters. So much more basic research needs to be done! The magnetic converters for the conversion of the space energy can then be developed and produced to suit every individual energy requirement, and that means that it no longer needs large power plants, oversized energy stores and also no transmission lines with the associated energy losses. With the principle of the free space energy, cars or all drives and motors can be operated and the raw materials for the production of the magnetic converters are recyclable and thus sustainable. And because the free space energy is everywhere for free and unlimited available as well as absolut clean, and the required raw materials can be recovered by recycling, it is not only ecologically and climatically harmless, but would also dissolve political and economic dependencies as well as geopolitical power relations. As a result, nation-state thinking and action based purely on one's own interests could be overcome, which in turn can promote positive effects on the development of the democracy and the society. Likewise, it would completely eliminate the current overall systemic financing systems and structures that result from the energy complex. And, of course, the introduction of the space energy would mean a collapse of the power structures that result from the energy industry, which acting and anchoring in the overall systemic. And precisely for these reasons, an intensive official research and development of the utilization of the space energy is still massively suppressed by political, financial, economic and scientific side. Summary: The free space energy thus represents a systemically important prerequisite for the implementation and, above all, for the practicability and sustainability of sustainable, more social, equitable and more democratic economic and social systems. It is freely available for everyone at any place in unlimited form and is thus resource-saving. It is absolut clean and emission-free and thus 100% environmentally and climate-neutral. And it is free of charge and thus not only social, but it prevents from the outset the development of acting in the negative institutional and system-determining power structures. It means the solving of all energy issues and problems, and the conversion to energy and electricity is completely safe - quite in contrast to the nuclear fusion, which moreover is associated with a scientific hubris, as well as the so-called quantum computer, in which Google is leading research and which are also subject to presumptuous thinking that result from a control addiction, a salvation complex and a world domination aspiration. The free space energy, on the contrary, complies with all principles of deep ecology and is thus an existential foundation stone through which a necessary new social, equitable and sustainable social system can actually function in the first place. And for these reasons, I am committed to the mediation, the utilization and the introduction of the free space energy! Personal note: From my inner spiritual knowledge as well as from the transmissions in the "Theosophy", I can say that the space energy, in simple terms, basically exists and from the universal law "for the good of the whole" may be made usable by the human or also should, because that's exactly what it's for! It just needs to be discovered and gained. Discovered it was. The first theoretical basics for the extraction were also developed. However, as already mentioned, even more intensive basic research must be carried out beyond the Casimir effect. And then the engineers are encouraged to design and engineer the converters, motors and generators for an easy and efficient extraction and utilization.
The Free Space Energy The energy supply of the future!