In the systemic work one has to become aware that the nations, and of course the people living in them, are also exposed to the influence of cosmic or even universal energies. These cosmic or even universal energies, also the rays or the energies of rays are called, of which there are a total of seven and each include and cause different topics and tasks. These 7 rays can be designated as follows: 1. Ray: Will and Power / Active Design 2. Ray: Love and Wisdom 3. Ray: Intelligence and Active Intelligence 4. Ray: Harmony through Conflict 5. Ray: Knowledge and Concrete, Practical Knowledge / Science 6. Ray: Idealism and Devotion 7. Ray: Order and Ceremonial Order / Organized Ritual / Magic And these rays each act in different combinations on the various regions of the earth as well as on the awareness of the people living in them, from which the nations, today's nation states, originated. These respective combinations of rays activate certain corresponding themes in the nations that are culture-building for the respective peoples and nations. And these themes in turn result in developmental tasks and goals that the people in the respective nations must recognize and work on. Likewise, the respective combinations of rays produce different corresponding tasks for the nations. And these tasks have a fateful character for the nations, that is, they can not escape these tasks. Because these different tasks of the nations should work in interaction, because they represent elementary building blocks for the goal set in the universal from the beginning, the achievement of a world unity, a true world community in which people live together on equal terms and in peace, and with a world government , which is led by wise, prudent and responsible politicians and leaders. And all of these topics and tasks have, in principle, always been recognizable in the actions and policies of the respective nations, but so far only in the negative forms. So causes the combination of rays that affects the UK, e.g. this great skepticism, especially towards Europe, which again and again determined the British policy and last expressed itself in BREXIT. And the combination of rays that affect Germany creates the sounding board for creative ideas and minds (people of poets and thinkers), but also activates the insistence on the existing, even in the negative, which is why, for example, a true revolution in Germany seems unlikely, and causes the mentality of least resistance, such as the culture of obedience and subservient to authority. While the combination of rays affecting Spain creates the theme of independence, why Spain has to deal with separatism again and again, as the Catalans recently did. And the combination of rays that affect the USA creates this extreme materialism and an exaggerated individualism, which have also entered the culture of the USA - “The American Way of Life, everyone is blacksmith of his own luck, The American Dream, from rags to riches”, of course, a myth, yet deeply rooted in the cultural identity of the United States. And the task of the USA, which results from their combination of rays, is to bring the right thing into the world and establish it worldwide. A task that has determined the politics of the United States since World War II at the latest, but, as we know, almost exclusively in the negative, almost exclusively in a purely selfish understanding. For to this day, no nation in the world has actually consciously recognized its topics and tasks as such and therefore has not yet begun to systematically and consciously work on its topics and to further develop its tasks into the positive for the good of the whole. All nations in the world are still in a largely unconscious and, above all, negative and selfish way. And this project intends to use the combinations of rays to elaborate and communicate the themes and tasks of the most important nations, as well as to develop policies that can assist the nations in identifying, processing and overcoming their themes, like the skepticism, the separatism and the materialism, and also to understand their universal tasks and develop them into the positive for the good of the whole. An ideal case would be based on these universal tasks, e.g. look like this (shortened): Germany develops the ideas, e.g. for a New World Order, France promotes this idea, so to speak, as a PR agency in the world and the USA and China bring and establish then this idea in the world. (The USA in the West and China in the East.) However, and this must be understood from the beginning, this project can only mean a first small start! Because the establishment and, above all, the impact of such policies or the overall development that needs to be completed will most likely take a period of time that can not yet be estimated. Because for this systemic work one should already have an inner understanding of (inner) developmental levels, developmental steps and developmental processes and periods of time.